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The “5 + 5” agreements to open roads and resume flights reflect the failure of the Haftar-Maiteeq agreement.

On December 18, what is known as the agreement of Vice President of the Presidential Council Ahmed Maiteeq and Haftar’s son in an agreement described the “Libyan Libyan” focused on the resumption of oil and the formation of a national unity government, solving the problems facing citizens and facilitating movements between cities.

An agreement that was not worth the ink it was written with, as they are decisions that remained on paper and were not implemented, and the two parties who signed the agreement which location was not announced, wished to improve their image before the Libyans and the international community and their ’desire to be given credit for resuming oil, opening roads and forming a new government.

The UN mission cut road off

In an attempt by Maiteeq and Haftar to give them the credit, the multiple rounds that the UN mission is conducting, headed by its delegate to Libya, Stephanie Williams, came in the meetings of the Military Committee (5 + 5) with results that included in his priorities a permanent ceasefire, the resumption of oil and the opening of roads between East and West.

It is the failure to implement the Maiteeq agreement despite the provisions of the clauses on these steps. The mission also confirmed in the military committee’s agreement to continue supporting the current calm on the battle fronts and strengthening it, and moving away from the military escalation, but we see an escalation and mobilization by Haftar’s militias in Sirte and Al Jufra, which shows no implementation of the Maiteeq agreement, and today, about a month, the agreement of Maiteeq and Haftar regarding the resumption of oil, which Al-Mismari announced as a temporary agreement in the event that all of their conditions are not fulfilled, and the oil will be closed again later.

The truth is that five days have passed since the period set by the so-called General Command to implement the conditions during which the oil would be closed, rather the force majeure has been lifted from most of the ports and oil fields and the oil production has begun to materialized, which shows that the agreement was not from the decision of Maiteeq and Haftar on their own accord. It was under international pressure due to the escalation of the Libyan crisis, which affected everyone.

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