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“Tawassel for clearing mines”: We removed 170 mines and 30 cluster bombs from south of Tripoli.

The Executive Director of “Tawassel” Organization for Mines and Remnants Disposal, Abdullah Al-Shareif, said in a statement to Arraed Saturday that since the start of the aggression on Tripoli, they have removed 170 mines of two types “Moon 90” and “Moon 50”, and 30 cluster bombs that explode in the air and release 52 small bombs.

Al-Shareif added that they dismantled 112 mines and explosive barrels in various ways, such as wires and remote radars, and others, noting that the Tawassel team today dismantled a barrel of explosives in Al-Azizia Stadium.

Al-Shareif indicated that they executed 30 tons of war remnants in several stages, explaining that the areas where from these remnants were dismantled and removed are “south of Tripoli, Al-Aziziyah, Al-Sa’dia, Owlad Tlis , Toghar, the vicinity of Tripoli Airport, Ras Al-Lafaa, Bir Al-Ghanam, and valleys.

Al-Shareif disclosed that the organization is affiliated with the Civil Society Commission and that their entry permits for the sites are issued by the Ministry of Defense, pointing out that the team works with Self-subsidized efforts and has not received any salaries or financial bonuses ​​since its formation.

It is worth noting that the Tawassel Organization for Clearance of Mines and Remnants of War removed, on Friday, a number of “Cornet” missiles, air to ground bombs and unexploded missiles from the Al-Aziziyah area.

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