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Targeting food and drug stores and hospitals, and cutting off water and electricity, Haftar’s last miserable plan.

Tripoli, the capital, which was safe and reassuring, provided its good livelihood, from everywhere, many parts of its neighborhoods are full of scenes of destruction and ruin as a result of the aggression of the Haftar militias since last April.

This aggression failed to control Tripoli in a few days, as Haftar and the countries supporting him were planning , this failure reflected in a vengeful spirit from the residents of the capital, killing children, students, and doctors, and destroying homes, schools, and universities, then they went to medicine and food stores, and burned them and cut off water and electricity For residents of the capital and surrounding cities.

Food and drug stores

The Haftar militia has bombed food stores in the Alkrimiya area, hitting two houses next to the stores without taking into account the current crisis at a time when the world’s factories stopped production due to the spread of Corona, and countries were forced to rely on and maintain their stocks of food and medicine.

The Ministry of Health also announced, earlier, that Haftar’s militias targeted drug stores in Alkhadra Hospital in Tripoli with indiscriminate shells, and setting them on fire.


Alkhadra General Hospital, which was designated to be a center for treating people with the Coronavirus in Tripoli – was a target for indiscriminate rockets by Haftar militias that rained on it with shells multiple times, causing work to be suspended.

A missile fired by the militias on the back gate of the Tripoli Medical Center also injured “Hala Salem Ali” (38 years old), seriously injuring the head, and a member of the protection force in the hospital was also injured.

Cut off the water and electricity

The militia of Haftar turned to electricity, the lifeblood of any city, and closed the gas pipeline valve in the area of ​​Sidi Al-Sayeh, which is feeding some generation units in the western region, which led to complete blackout of about two days and the instability of the electrical network.

As for the water, an armed group affiliated to Haftar militias stormed the control room of the industrial river system in the municipality of Ashweref, and closed the valve of the water pipeline heading to the capital, Tripoli.

Burn and destroy

Since the beginning of the aggression against Tripoli, the militia of Haftar has been burning everything, what the hands of thieves and criminals did not reach , it was reached by indiscriminate shells which burnt or destroyed it.
The homes and properties of citizens in the municipality of Souq El-Jumaa were today the target of these blind missiles, the pictures on social media showed the extent of the damage and the effects of the destruction of buildings and property as a result of this bombing.

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