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#libya #gna #arraedlg "5 + 5" calls on the participants in the Berlin conference to implement their promises. "AFRICOM" statement on Russian intervention "has something behind it" . "AIDS Children " is an unforgivable crime and a continuous tragedy "Ajeqom" "Akar" meets Bashagha in Tripoli. "Akar" we are continuing cooperation with Libya. "Amendments to ensure the continuation of corruption". "Biden" pledges to lift the ban imposed by Trump. "Bloomberg": An Emirati oil tanker was intercepted. "Bloomberg": Libya is continuing to prosecute the two Russians. "Bloomberg" reveals the Emirates involvement with haftar. "Bogdanov": Russia supports the cease-fire and the start of political dialogue in Libya. "Bogdanov" and "Kubis" stress the importance of coordinating the efforts in Libya. "Bogdanov" and "Norland" stress the need to adhere to the ceasefire agreement in Libya. "Bugeja" expresses his hope to open the fields and resume production. "Ernst & Young" to audit the financial statements. "Guterres": Foreign fighters in Libya are still active. "Guterres" calls for a mandate for the mission to deploy observers to the ceasefire in Libya. "Guterres" calls on foreign mercenaries to leave Libya immediately. "Guterres" officially appoints the Slovakian "Jan Kubis" as the UN envoy to Libya. "Guterres" suggests "Mladenov" as an UN envoy to Libya. "Independent" reveals details of the role of mercenaries in the ranks of Haftar. "Kubis" "Kubis" expresses his dissatisfaction with the delay in opening the coastal road. "Lavrov" to Aqeela Saleh : There is no military solution to the Libyan crisis. "Libyan Crimes Watch" documented the killing of 25 civilians "Lift your hands off her." "Middle East Eye": Haftar owns millions of dollars in real estate in Virginia. "Mutated" strains and a new record for Corona deaths. "National Oil Corporation" calls for the expulsion of mercenary. "OPEC" holds a ministerial meeting with the aim of reducing production. "Peace Storm" swept Haftar from Abu Qrain to Riqdalin "Pompeo": the recovery of the Libyan economy requires the control of the National Oil Corporation "The Daily Beast": Trump knows that his chances of losing the elections are great. "The New York Times": The US Justice Department will press charges against a Libyan explosives expert. "The Times": America transferred the Russian "Pantsir" system from Libya to a base in Germany. "Victims" Organization: We have documented killings by Alkani "Wagner" landmines hit military engineering personnel and kill civilians. "Wagner Landmines" continue to claim the lives of Tripoli's children. "Williams": The participants in the Tunis Forum have made a great achievement. "Williams" addressing the Advisory Committee: We have four very important days. "Williams" and members of the forum confirm its continuation. "Williams" announces the launch of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum. "Williams" reveals great progress in the economic track. "Williams" warns politicians not to bypass the dialogue forum. "Williams" welcomes the stance of Aqeela Saleh. "Çavuşoğlu" discusses with "Stoltenberg" the exposure of a Turkish ship. 000 vote. 000. 3 citizens in the city of Msalata were killed 3 civilians were wounded 3 million dollars the value of contracts concluded by Haftar with American companies. 3 whole families were on their way to Europe via the sea. 5 + 5 and the United States… besieging Moscow to withdraw mercenaries from Libya. 5 + 5 Committee: The Ghadames meeting was positive. 5 + 5 confirms that there are obstacles to opening coastal road it and hints at naming them. 5 billion missing 6 days and water is shut by Haftar 6/6 6/13 6/20 7 days after the Haftar militias cut off the water and electricity on Tripoli 9/26 10/3 12 people were killed and more than 20 injured 14 deaths of the Corona virus inside Egyptian prisons. 14 million cases of corona virus worldwide. 18 confirmed cases of the Corona epidemic 20 Libyan soldiers conclude their training course on air defense systems in Turkey. 20 million infected cases and 750 deaths of Corona around the world. 20 Russian mercenaries killed in air strikes south of Sirte. 25 killed 30 bodies were recovered from a mass grave in Tarhuna. 40 ministers are appointed by Chad's ruling military council. 43 children were killed by Haftar militias in 3 months. 43 migrants die and 10 others rescued off the Libyan coast. 50 Million Euros 70 bodies are expected to be found in a new location in the agricultural project. 80s 100 dead and more than 4 thousand wounded in Beirut explosion. 200 Russian Wagner mercenaries and Syrian mercenaries fighting with Haftar. 300 Libyan army personnel in 18 different programs. 380 thousand displaced as a result of the aggression. 500 Syrian mercenaries from the Druze 639 Burns and wounds sustained in Eid Al Adha in Tripoli and Misurata. 753 Sudanese citizens from Libya. 2019 2019 Expectation a "small" group of Libyans AAbu Grein AB Abayar Abdel Fattah al Sisi Abdel Fattah El Sisi abdel hamid Abduallah Al Thani Abductees abdul basit Igtet Abdul Breish Abdulhakil Shaybi Abdullah Al Thani Abdul Magid Breish Abeer Moussa reveals the counter revolutions planning chamber. Abidjan A big welcome for the Security Council’s resolution calling for holding the elections on time. Abo Fayed: Extending the deadline for consensus on the constitutional base. Aboras: What Libya and its people need is a combined effort to achieve justice and stability. Abo Rass accuses the Al Manifi of jumping on the spirit of consensus. About 700 casualties since the start of the aggression About half of the Italians support leaving the European Union if Brexit succeeds. Abozniqa consensus are a good base for political solution. AB party Abu Deeb: The Prime Minister should reconsider his cabinet formation. Abu Dhabi Abu Fayed: I call on the Supreme Council of State to narrow the disagreement on the presidential election law. Abu Grein Abukamash AbuKammash Abukmash Abu Nassim Abuqrein Abu Ras: Aqeela is incompetent and only represents himself. Aburass calls for implementing the political agreement Aburas told “Qais Saeed”: We have not seen that you have legitimacy for tribal leaders. Abu Sahmain Abu Shamma: Hifter is “mad” and ready to exterminate his militias and mercenaries abu zaid ACA accompanied by Libyan officials According to Al-Mismari Accounting Dynasties A change of the Presidential Council means dismantling the Memorandum a child and a woman Traiq Alsour area A child was killed and his mother and two brothers were wounded. A closed session of the Security Council to discuss the danger of the spread of mercenaries in Libya. A delegation from the International Criminal Court visits Tarhuna. a dialogue must be held between the United States and Russia. A direct meeting that brings together the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee. Adrar AduanaStars Adurrauf Hasan adventure A European failure in Libya A European official will visit Libya with the foreign ministers Afghanistan AFP A French agency: seizure of an amount of "drugs" in Niger. Africa Africa Intelligence: Egypt has reduced its support for Haftar. african African-european AfricanChampionsLeague African countries reject the appointment of the Bulgarian Mladenov. africannationscup African Union AFRICOM AFRICOM: 12 Russian aircraft carried out combat strikes in Libya. AFRICOM: Russia provides equipment to Wagner in Libya. AFRICOM: Russia supplies Haftar with warplanes. AFRICOM: The presence of the Wagner in Libya undermines the peace process. AFRICOM: The Russian air defenses were the ones that brought down the American drone Afriqiyah After 6 billion losses. After a dispute that lasted 3 years ... the return of relations between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. After Algeria welcomed Asaraj and After Ammari questioned the dialogue committees. After a Turkish request ... Germany invites Algeria to the Berlin conference. after clear evidence of russian involvement After defeating the militia of Haftar in 3 cities After Haftar closure of the oil. After handing the base Alkhadim to the UAE ... Haftar hands over the base of Al-Jufra to Russia. After his media advisor denied his proposal for Haftar to name the prime minister. After his military failure After Saudi Arabia announced the ban on Lebanese imports. After stopping the meetings of the Central Bank’s Board of Directors. After the fighting between Haftar's militias and "FACT"... Where is the presidential council and government. After the massive disapproval of his coup locally and internationally. After the release of 120 of his militia captives After the UAE… Bahrain announces the normalization of relations with Israel. After tossing his failing zero hours .. Cities in the western region are responding to Hifter After US pressure ... Haftar comply and opens oil. Ageela Saleh aggressor continues to bomb areas of the municipality Agilah Saleh Agila Saleh Agila Saleh: I condemn the attempt to assassinate Bashagha. AGOCO Agreement Agreement between the GNA and Moscow to release the two Russians detainees. Aguila Saleh Aguila Saleh Issa Ahassadi statement Ahmed Elmabrouk Safar Ahmed Maetig Ahmed Maiteeq aid aims to sabotaging reconciliation efforts. Ain Zara AinZara airbase Airlines Airplane Airport Air Strike airstrike Air Strikes Airstrikes Air Traffic Ajdabia Ajdabiya Ajkhara A joint American and European statement welcomes the election of the new executive authority. A joint statement by the countries of Libya Malta and Turkey. Ajweili The army took control of Alwitiyah Akar: Greece's efforts to nullify the border demarcation agreement concluded with Libya are futile. Akar: The Turkish Armed Forces are supervising the rehabilitation of the Libyan forces. Akar: The Turkish army continues to provide support and advice to the Libyans. Akar: Turkey is a partner in the F-35 manufacturing not a client. Akar: We continue to support Libya in the fields of military and security training. Akar: We support the Libyans to establish a regular army. Akar: We will continue to support Libya with the same enthusiasm and vigor. Akar: We will continue to support the GNA. Akar: We will hold the UAE accountable. Akbari Akram Gilwan Akram Gliwan Aktay: There is communication between Turkey and Egypt. Akwa AkwaUnited Al-Abdali: Our priorities are to operate the stalled units al-abyar Al-Afriqiyah Airways: The clips of the Syrian mercenaries are fabricated Al-Ahli Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed: There is Egyptian-Turkish contact about the Libyan file. Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: A Libyan military delegation will visit Moscow. Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: Haftar obstructs sending international observers to Libya. Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reveals Haftar's efforts to conceal the record of violations in Benghazi. Al-Aradi: The mission continues to search for a mechanism to choose the executive authority. Al-Bakoush: We have already started procedures to obtain 6 thousand vaccines against Corona. Al-Bayda Al-Baydaa Al-Bonyan Al-Marsus Al-Brega: A fuel tank was hit in the Airport Road depot. Al-Ezabi: Organizing the elections on the scheduled date is a collective challenge. Al-Ezabi calls on the interim government to focus on the internal file. Al-Falah: The hours of distribution of electrical loads will be equal. Al-Faqih: Alsisi is in a hysterical state. Al-Faqih: The Memorandum of Understanding between Turkey and Libya was long overdue but came before it was too late. Al-Feel Oilfield Al-Fitouri Gribel to Arraed: Coordination is underway. Al-Fogha Al-Fugha Al-Ghweill: Bashagha is the best person to take over the next government. Al-Gussri Al-Hawaij: The Egyptian authorities will start easing restrictions on Libyans. Al-Hurait Al-Hussan: We will let our voice heard to the government which neglected it. Al-Issawi Al-Ittihad Al-Jaafari: Work is still underway on the agricultural project. Al-Jabri reveals that Saudi Arabia had given the green light to Russia to enter Syria. al-jadhran Al-Jafara Al-Jalaa Hospital Al-Jazawi: The aim of the meeting of the deputies in Morocco is to consult. Al-Jazawi: The Egyptian leadership wants to return Libya to square one. Al-Jazawi: There is a tendency to adopt the parliament election law in the next session. Al-Jazeera Al-Jazwi: There is no final agreement yet regarding HoR meeting. Al-Jazwi: There is no specific date for the budget approval session yet. Al-Jehani: The atmosphere of the sessions between the two delegations of dialogue was positive. Al-Jehani: The second round of the Moroccan Dialogue will resume today. Al-Jufra Al-Jwaili: Most of the functions in the next phase are for the government. Al-Kabeer owns a commercial bank in Britain. Al-Karama Al-Karama Forces Al-Khums Al-Kisher: 10 new bodies were found in Alrabit project. Al-Kisher: 116 bodies were exhumed from the graves. Al-Kisher: There are 18 cemeteries that have not yet been uncovered. Al-Kufra Al-Lafi: We warn against unilateral military parades that may impede the unification of the military institution. Al-Majei : The liberation of Alwittia is of great military importance. Al-Majei: The plan to liberate Tarhuna is ready and close. Al-Manifi: We are keen to hold the elections on time. Al-Manifi: We seek to unify institutions. Al-Manqoush: We demand the removal of mercenaries from the country. Al-Manqoush speaks for the first time about the Wagner and Janjaweed mercenaries and demands their exit from. Al-Mansouri: The constitution is ready for a referendum. Al-Mansouri: The draft constitution prepared by the elected body can be a base for elections. Al-Marghani Al-Marsad Newspaper Al-Mechichi: It is not possible to re-close the crossings between Tunisia and Libya. Al-Meshri Al-Mesmari admits defeat and announces the re-formation of their operations room. Al-Mihoub" calls for bombing of the infrastructure in Libya. Al-Mishishi: We hope to develop relations with Libya. Al-Mishri: I have no desire to take any position. Al-Mishri: The Moroccan meetings are to protect the lives of Libyans. Al-Mishri: There is a deliberate obstruction of dialogue tracks. Al-Mishri: There is no agreement on Aqeela to take over the presidential council. Al-Mishri: The results of choosing the executive authority were achieved by Libyans. Al-Mishri: We are moving in the right direction to end the transitional stage. Al-Mishri denies holding or coordinating meetings with the support forces outside the country. Al-Mishri participates in Tobruk. Al-Mishri responds to critics of the Moroccan Dialogue. Al-Mismari Al-Mismari is not sincere Al-Moodi: “Emaar” gained more than 10 Al-Muqadami to Arraed: The total of anti-corona vaccines will be 12 million doses. Al-Nadhouri Haftar and Al Zait Street were not without a mention. Al-Najjar: The epidemiological situation is extremely aggravated. Al-Najjar: We are doing tests to see if the "Brazilian" strain entered Libya. Al-Najjar: We must enter the stage of living with Corona. Al-Namroush: Mines planted south of the capital are Russian-made. Al-Namroush: We are open to any political solution. Al-Namroush: We will continue until the liberation of the entire Libyan land. Al-Nasr Al-Obaidat tribe: We condemn the visit of the “tribal delegation” to Egypt. Al-Qadhi: We found internationally banned cluster bombs. Al-Qaed Al-Qarda al-qatron Al-Qeblawi: We are waiting for a bigger role from the Arab Maghreb countries Al-Qibba Al-Raidh: A delegation of Libyan businessmen will visit Egypt in February. Al-Raied: An economic delegation from Turkey and Egypt will visit Libya before Ramadan. Al-Rajma Media attacks Bo Zniqa dialogue and challenges its outcomes. Al-Ra’id: The parliament’s session will be held in Tripoli next Monday. Al-Ra’id: The solution to the Libyan crisis can only be political. Al-Saadi Al-Sadada al-sarraj Al-Sarraj: All corruption files related to the waste of public money must be opened. Al-Sarraj and Aqeela announce a ceasefire ... and Haftar refuses. Al-Sarraj and Borrell agree on the need to lift the closure of oil sites and resume oil production. Al-Sarraj and Conte discuss developments in Libya. Al-Sarraj and Eni affirm the paramount importance of the rapid return of oil pumping. Al-Sarraj and Erdogan assert that the solution to the Libyan crisis. Al-Sarraj and the Italian Minister of Defense discuss the return of Italian companies. Al-Sarraj and “Williams”: The Tunis Dialogue is a historic opportunity. Al-Sarraj announces his readiness to hand over his duties. Al-Sarraj calls for the dialogue committee to expedite the formation of a new executive authority. Al-Sarraj demands practical steps to force the mercenaries out of Libya. Al-Sarraj discusses with the Constitutional Commission. Al-Sarraj discusses with the Italian Minister of the Interior the security issues. Al-Sarraj to the European Union: The ceasefire initiative needs your support. al-sayah Al-Sayeh: Any change that affects the Commission’s Council will confuse the plans. Al-Sayeh: The Electoral Commission requires time to rearrange the internal house. Al-Sayeh and Kubis discuss the obstacles facing the elections. Al-Sellabi: The signing of the ceasefire agreement is a historic step. Al-Sharara Al-Sharara Oilfield Al-Shat Al-Shater Al-Shirtaa: The continuation of the oil closure will exacerbate the economic situation. Al-Shuwahidi: The Egyptian parliament’s decision is a declaration of war. Al-Shuwaihdi: Countries supporting Haftar should stop sending mercenaries. Al-Shuweihdi: The countries that supported the coup led us to ally with Turkey. Al-Shwaihdi: Al-Sisi must know that the Libyans are not like Haftar. Al-Shwaihdi: Some countries are trying to impose conditions or personalities rejected by the Libyans. Al-Siwi: The stage of identifying the bodies has not started yet. Al-Sunni: Belgium seeks to seize 49 million euros of frozen Libyan funds. Al-Sunni: exit of mercenaries from Libya with their weapons will destabilize the region. Al-Sunni: Libyans are tired of the transitional periods. Al-Sunni: The multiplicity of national dialogues is better than the multiplicity of axes and fighting fronts. Al-Sunni: The Security Council will hold a hearing for the sanctions committee. Al-Sunni: Violations of UN resolutions in Libya has reached a new stage. Al-Sunni: We demand a commitment to get all mercenaries out of Libya. Al-Sunni: We support the demands of the demonstrators. Al-Sunni and "Bozkır" discuss a number of topics. Al-Sunni The Security Council must be serious in implementing its resolutions. Al-Swahli: We have succeeded in supporting the list of Dabaiba and Al-Manifi. Al-Swayeh: Security Council resolutions remain on paper unless pressure is put on the intervening countries. Al-Swehly Al-Sweih: Abozniqa consensuses helped unify institutions. Al-Telisi 15000 people stranded abroad Al-thani Al-Thani criticizes “double standards. al-turki Al-Tuwaijer to Dbaiba: Only those looking for money benefit from quick solutions. Al-Warfali Al-Wefaq Al-Wefaq Government Al-Yaqoubi: The advisory committee will hold its first meeting on Monday. Al-Yaqoubi: The reconciliation government may be the obstacle to reform. Al-Yaqoubi: We support the continuation of "Williams". Al-Zawia Al-Zawiya: The release of 40 prisoners on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. AlAhli AlAlakhdar AlArabiya Alarebi Alatrash: Droping the charges against some of the defendants in the Abusleem is a case of treason Albawaba Albayda Albinyan Almarsos Albinyan Almarsous Al Bunyan Al Marsoos Albunyan Almarsous Al Bunyan Al Marsous Al Burkan alcoholpoisoning Al Dafa Alexandria Alex Neve Alfaqih: Hifter plays the role of the Islamic State by targeting the nucleus of the army. Alfaqih:The demand for a ceasefire must be directed at the aggressor party. AlFath alfonso Algardabiya Air Base Algeria Algeria: The ceasefire agreement is a real glimmer of hope in Libya. Algeria: We reject any military option that undermines the exerted political efforts. Algeria affirms its commitment to involve the neighboring countries of Libya . Algeria announces that President Tebboune is infected with the Corona virus. Algeria condemns the bombing of the Military College Algeria is concerned about establishing an Emirati base in Mauritania. Algerian Algeria resumes its border trade with Mali and Niger. Algeria warns against dividing Libya and calls for a political solution. Algeria will reopen its embassy in Tripoli in the coming days. Algeria will soon launch initiatives for a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis. AlGrabulli Alh-Khayali Alhisha AlHumayza Ali Abuseta A Libyan-Tunisian agreement to revive trade activity. A Libyan doctor chairs the Oncology Committee of the Arab Scientific Council for Surgery. A Libyan refinery run by the UAE. Ali Hibri Ali Kenah statement Ali Salim al-Hibri AlIttihad Ali Zidan Al Jafal AlJalaa Aljazawi: The cease-fire is good news if the civil state demands are met. AlJazeera Al Jedran Aljehani: Bo Zniqa dialogue session begins tomorrow. Al Jufrah Alkahili: Aqila Saleh only represents himself Al Karama media ignores the corruption of Haftar and his sons and accuses Al-Thinni. Al Khartoumm AlKhums Alkishar: The government is not interested in the mass graves file. Alkisher We have started a psychological rehabilitation program in Tarhuna. Al Lahib AlMadina Almajai confirms the gna army advance Al Manifi: The presidential Council cannot conclude international agreements. Al Manifi and the Greek PM stress the importance of activating the agreements. Almanifi arrives in Doha on an official visit. Al manifi performs the constitutional oath. Al Manifi renews his commitment to hold elections on time. AlMeshri Almesmari admits heavy losses Almishri: Hifter does not abide by agreements. Almishri: Hifter has no place in any future political process. Almishri: The legitimacy of the Tobruk parliament is in the hands of the Egyptian Foreign Office. Almishri: The military and security track must be corrected Al Mismari defies supreme commander. Almisrati sentenced to jail AlMshashia Almsilati: A country cannot be built without a constitution. Alnaser AlNasr Al Qaeda alqaeda Al Sakran is the latest victim of the policy of silencing of mouths in the eastern region. AlSalmani AlSarraj Alsarraj meets with american jones foundation for security. Al Shaab: We will study the “President” election law and wait for the “Parliament” election law. Alsharara AlSharara Field Alsharara is under the control of the "Wagner" group AlShat Al Shukri AlSidra alsisi Alsunni and Alqiblawi called for Libya to be spared more wars. Al Sunni demands concrete results. Al Sunni holds the EU responsible for their silence on war crimes and violations. Alswaihli : The army will not stop until the defeat of the aggression. Al Tadhamon Organization: 236 victims of mines from May 2020 until March 2021. AlTahady Al Turjman: We got rid of 3 tons of war remnants. Alwafi and Aqeela are closest. AlWaha AlWahda AlWarfali Alwarfalli is another card used by haftar to raise morale Alwefaq AlZawia AlZawiya Al Zawiya Amal Movement Amaq A mass grave of 4 bodies was found in Al-Saa’dia. Ambassador Amenas Amendments Amer allah Eshler: Turkey will stand with the Libyans and the Government of Ntional Accord America America closes two consulates in Russia. America is moving in the Libyan dossier american American ambassador discusses with the Minister of Planning American Associated Press : Haftar is looking for immunity. American Embassy: The United States is angry at the attack on Minister Bashagha. American website: Saddam Haftar asked Israel to support him in the elections. Amid elections and changes in the Presidency of the Representatives and the Supreme State Councils. Amid popular restlessness Amid rumors of failure Amidst internal crises the government conducts successive foreign visits. Amid the absence of officials aministration Amish: The Biden administration does not object to the continuation of Haftar's trial in American courts. Amnesty Amnesty International Amnesty International: America must stop selling drones to the UAE. Amnesty International: Haftar gave promotion to wanted persons. Amnesty International: Haftar liquidates his civilian opponents in military courts. Amnesty International calls on the government to intervene and release Hanin Al-Abdali. Amnesty International Canada Anaas: the coalition of Libyan parties is to confront the collapse of the civil state An Algerian diplomat calls for international strictness. An American consulting firm terminates its contract with Haftar. An American institute calls for Biden to oblige the UAE to stop financing the "Wagner". An American lawyer filed a lawsuit against Hifter An American study ... the "AstraZeneca" vaccine is safe and effective. An analysis of the US elections: "Biden" is ahead of "Trump". An armed group affiliated to Haftar shut down the river system Anassa Anatolia: Russia plans to send a thousand Syrian mercenaries to Libya. and 115 wounded and considers Tripoli a red line. and Haftar obstructs them and the departure of mercenaries within 90 days. and the phenomenon of "black out" is still not over. and whoever wants to be sure An Egyptian delegation visits Libyan airports to resume flights to Cairo. A new case is filed against Haftar in the United States over his war crimes. A new initiative proposed by the House of Representatives. Angela Merkel Angelino Alfano Angelion Alfano An impending defeat for Haftar looming An international conference in Berlin on Libya tomorrow. An international welcome for the meetings in Morocco. An investigation by "Middle East Eye" entitled "The fields of death in Tarhuna. announces three days of mourning Ansar Al Sharia Antoine Sivan Antonio Tiani António Guterres A number of Tarhuna families of the missing identified the bodies of their relatives. An unprecedented Italian landing to restore the lost role. An upcoming meeting of the consensus committee. An upcoming session of the 5 + 5 committee in Ghadames. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash AP APC Approval of the financial arrangements 2020. A prospective meeting in Moscow between Russia and Turkey. Aqaliah Saleh Aqeela calls for municipal elections Aqeela is searching for a political solution. Aqeela Saleh: War is an evil that no one wants Aqeela Saleh is a boycotting member. Aqeela Saleh makes visits in search of a political solution. Aqila affirms his rejection of the outcomes of the parliament’s session in Ghadames. Aqila and Haftar struggle appear on the surface. Aqilah Saleh AQIM Aqoub Aquarius Team arab league ArabLeague Arab League renews its support for the political agreement Arab League Summit Arab Maghreb Union Arayed: The return of the aggressor forces and the return of the displaced Aref Ali Nayed Aref Nayed Are we witnessing the return of foreign embassies to Libya? Aris Messinis Armed clashes Armed Groups Armored Personal Carriers Arms arms embargo arms embargo control process. Arms Shipement Army artillery accurately targets a gathering of Haftar mercenaries Army artillery shell Hifter Militias south of Tripoli Army forces are hunting the remnants of Hifter militias east of Bograin. arraed Arraed confirms the truth of what was published by the Italian newspaper "La Republica". arraed lg arraedlg Arraed reveals important information about the Zuwara meeting. Arrangements arrest Article 10 Article 11 Article 12 Article 13 Article 65 Article 67 Article II Article VI Article VIII A Russian delegation arrives in Ankara to discuss the Sirte situation. Asaraj revies the health situation as a result of the Israeli shelling. Asarraj: Al-Kabeer always transcends his jurisdictions Asarraj : The 5+5 committee journey is still a long way off. Asarraj: The Brotherhood is a political orientation and it makes no sense to treat them with "phobia". Asarraj: The track of peace needs courage. Asarraj: We are tired of the international statements Asarraj: We will not relinquish our national principles. Asarraj: We will not spare any effort in concluding alliances Asarraj: We will provide all support to the army and we are proud of our sons Asarraj and Almishri discuss the latest on Corona Asarraj and Amishri congratulate Siala Asarraj and US Senator Graham are considering imposing sanctions on those who threaten stability in Libya. Asarraj calls on the international community to assume its responsibilities Asarraj calls on those supporting the war in Libya to leave the Libyans alone Asarraj confirms sending an objection to the European Union against "IRINI" Asarraj issues new decisions in his capacity as Minister of Defense Asarraj No sitting or negotiating with Haftar Asarraj requests the help of Chinese experts Asarraj stresses the importance of dialogue in accordance with the political agreement. A security group demands the evacuation of the Benghazi Girls Care Home within 72 hours. Ashater: Hifter left Moscow to confuse the scene and make it more complex. Ashater: The European Union practices deception Ash Carter A shipment of medical equipment from China arrives in Tripoli. Aska News as one ass Assassinations Assault on medical staff and sabotage of operating room in aljalaa hospital in Bengazi assets Assets Freeze Asswehly A strong message from Turkey to support the new executive authority in Libya. A summons order against Mohammed bin Salman in Washington. Asunni: Libya Asylum attack AU audit bureau AuditBureau auditing of the two central banks. Augila Saleh Auhaida: The government proposed budget is exaggerated. Auhaida: The parliament will issue and adopt a law for the election of the House of Representatives. Auqila Austria Aviation Aviation Holding Company: the reopening of airspace with Tunisia. AwladSulaiman AwladSuleiman A wrong maneuver by the captain of the ship "Evergreen" led to its deviation badly. Ayman Hammamieh Ayoub Al Ferjani forced the representatives to withdraw ayoub kassem Baddad Qansu Badr bad year Bagid Breish Bahrain Bait Al-Mal: We do not have any foreigner Bait Al-Mal: We do not reject political solutions led by our military colleagues. Bait Almal: We respect the cease-fire to give an opportunity for a political solution. Baleed Nawara Bangladesh Bani Walid BaniWalid Bank Banks Barack Obama Barak Obama bascketball federation Basf Bashaga 1500 wagner with hifter Bashaga: "Wagner" mercenaries intervened forcefully and ferociously Bashaga: Soon we will expel Hifter militias outside Tripoli. Bashaga: We are working to integrate the members of the forces supporting the Libyan army. Bashaga: We will defend Libya until peace prevails. Bashaga discusses with French officials Bashaga discusses with officials the illegal immigration dossier. Bashaga stresses his determination to develop the Ministry of the Interior. Bashagha Bashagha: "We will fight terrorism wherever it goes." Bashagha: A large security plan will cover the entire western region. Bashagha: Dismantling “militias” requires a lot of resources. Bashagha: Haftar will not pose any threat if his supporters abandon him. Bashagha: I will visit Barqa within the framework of national reconciliation. Bashagha: Libya has been left alone in the face of illegal immigration. Bashagha: The environment is ready in Libya to announce a political agreement. Bashagha: The fuel shipments to the south will be secured. Bashagha: The Triangular meeting meeting with Turkey and Malta to enhance cooperation. Bashagha: We are conducting investigations into suspicions of corruption. Bashagha: We are determined to reform the security sector with Libyan hands. Bashagha: We are working on assigning a new company to issue passports. Bashagha: we emphasized the cohesion of the security services. Bashagha: We have detected legal violations issued by official bodies. Bashagha: We signed a memorandum of understanding with an American company. Bashagha: We warn against harming the lives of protesters. Bashagha and Siala discuss prospects for joint cooperation in Qatar. Bashagha and “Norland” stress the importance of political tracks to avoid military escalation. Bashagha appreciates the efforts of the UN mission. Bashagha calls for intensified efforts to eradicate it in all its forms. Bashagha calls for the European Union to provide support to Libya. Bashagha calls on the diplomatic missions to practice their work in Tripoli. Bashagha discusses with Le Drian enhancing stability in Libya. Bashagha discusses with the American government delegation the dismantling of armed militias. Bashagha discusses with the British ambassador the support and training. Bashagha discusses with the director of the Turkish company "Baykar". Bashagha discusses with the Egyptian delegation ways to support the ceasefire. Bashagha discusses with the Tunisian ambassador ways to solve the problems. Bashagha follows up the work of the Department of Protection of Diplomatic Missions. Bashagha in Paris to strengthen the security capabilities of the Ministry of Interior. Bashagha makes steps to fight corruption. Bashagha praises the role of Qatar and Turkey. Bashagha renews his support for establishing the Supreme Security Chamber. Bashagha signs with the Decaf Center a memorandum of understanding. Bashagha stresses the need to accelerate the integration of fighters. Bashagha vows to pursue them locally and internationally. Bashagha welcomes the presidential decision. Bashir Bashir Al Qadi Basilcata Batman Bayda Bayda Libya BBC Beatrice Du Hellen beauty Because of possible rebel attacks Beijing Beirut Beirut Governor: $ 15 billion in losses cause by the explosion. Belarusia Belgian Belgium Belguim ben amer Bengazi Benghazi Benghazi is a land of fear and tribal militias. Benghazi Medical Centre Ben Guerdane Benina BenJawad Ben Jawad Bensouda: Al-Werfalli deliberately killed 47 people. Bensouda: Secret courts and death sentences carried out against civilians in the eastern region. BenWalid Bert Koenders Beshir Mohamed Al Qadi Biden Biden abolishing the ban imposed on some Muslim countries. Biden lifts the travel restrictions imposed on Islamic countries. Biden stops selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and F-35 fighters to the UAE. Bilateral Re;ations Billions have been allocated for electricity Birth of the prophet blast Bloomberg Bloomberg: Libyan oil production is rising rapidly. Bloomberg Libya surprised the market with the speed with which they were able to restore oil production. BMC Bneghazi body Bohdema Boko Haram Bombs Bo Metari: We do not have any accurate data on military spending in the Eastern Province. Bonatti Bonyan Marsous Boqadoum: Algeria warns against dividing Libya. Boqadoum calls on China to play a constructive role in Libya. Boqadoum hoping for a new UN envoy to Libya Boqireen Boras: Libya has the right to sign the two Memorandums of understanding. border borders Bordji Badji Mokhtar Boritta: The dynamic positive relations prevail in the Libyan scene now. Borrell: It is necessary to withdraw all mercenaries. Borrell: The ceasefire is an opportunity to resume dialogue. Borrell: We are concerned about the difficulties of the ceasefire in Libya. Borrell: We hope the Libyan political dialogue will continue to bear fruits. Borrell: We seek a full resumption of oil exports in Libya. Borrell welcomes the Moroccan meetings to resolve the Libyan crisis. Botswana Boufayed Bouhadis Bouqadoum: Algeria is preparing logistical arrangements to open the "Al Debdab" border crossing with Libya. Bouqadoum calls for the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement in Libya. Bouqadoum confirms Algeria's continued support for the next stage in Libya. Bouzriba boxed Bo Zniqa ... expectations for a final agreement. BP BPMC breaking breakingnews Breaking the barrier of fear ... September 21 Brega Breish Brent Crude Brent records its highest level in nearly two months. Brindisi Britain Britain demands the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya. Britain is preparing a Security Council resolution Britain welcomes "5 + 5" committee agreements. Britian British British court ruled the legality of the current Libyan investment Authority British Daily Telegraph: Haftar became a political corpse after the collapse of his militias. British Defense Minister: "The Wagner" is the "Kremlin" army in Libya. British Newspaper "The Independent": Hifter is an obstacle to peace British newspaper: Trump is being mocked for his mistake in the dates of World War II. British site: “Wagner mercenaries continue their work in Libya. Brookings Institute Bruno Cacace Brussles Buairat El Hassum Bucharest budget buildinganation Buisier libya has the right to reach understanding with whom it likes Bulgaria Buraq Burgas Burg Rashed Burial of 16 bodies recovered from Tarhuna mass graves. Burkina Faso BurkinaFaso Burundi Business bypassing the failure of progress in the military dialogue bypass of corona examination at benina airport CAF Cairo Calabria California calls for standing with the government calls for the resumption of the political track. calls to stop bombing hospitals Campaign Canada Canadian Canadians Cancellation Can Libya be saved from partition? Cargo Cargo ship Carter Carthage Airport carwash cat Cavusoglu: The representative of Aqila Saleh recently visited Turkey. Cavusoglu: Turkey is determined to preserve the political solution in Libya. CBL CDA Cease-Fire Agreement Celebrations Centeral Bank of Libya Center of International Private Enterprises central bank Central Bank of Libya Centres Chad Chad's chaos ... led by mercenaries who fought in Libya with Haftar. Chad and Sudan are discussing ways to disarm and demobilize their "militias" inside Libya. Championship CHAN Change in international attitudes. Changes in international stance regarding the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Turkey. chaos Chaouchoglu and invited them to Berlin Chavushoglu: France was irritated when Haftar failed to control all of Libya. Chavushoglu: The purpose of our visit to Libya is clear cheerleading chicken Children children China China does not register new infected cases Chinese Ambassador Chinese President: We are ready to help Libya confront Corona. Christian Buck CIA CIPE CISSA Cities Cities regained in succession and progress south of Tripoli. Citizins Civilian forces movement call for refusing any dialogue Civilians are subjected to secret sentences. Civilians including 3 children were injured civil society civil war clashes clear American support for holding the elections on time. Clemente coast coast guard Coast Guard caught an Italian fishing boat for infiltrating regional waters. coast guard rescue operation Coast guard rescues 20 migrants east of Melitta. Coast Guard retrieves 5 bodies and rescues 45 migrants from high seas. coast guards Coastguards cold Colonel Comic Comic COn coming from Lebanon to Libya. Commander Commission COmmittee to Protect Journalists Conclusions Conference conflict Congo Congratulations Congress Consensus in Egypt Constituent Assembly of Libya constitution Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court Constitutional Drafting Assembly Constitution Draft consultative meeting on libya in berlin Conte Conte: Closing oil is not less dangerous than military action. Conte: I emphasized to Biden the importance of the Libyan file. Conte calls on Haftar to abandon the military option and condemns the bombing of the Military College. Conte calls on Trump for "greater US commitment" to the Libyan file. Conte no military solution in Libya Conte to Salama: Italy supports UN efforts to avoid Tripoli conflict Conti: Without Washington directing a political solution Continuation of force majeure in the ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra. Continuing the attempts to thwart the dialogue. Continuous US moves to defuse the war in Sirte and Al Jufra. control authorities investigated 338 cases Control Authority: We will conduct tests on the second shipment of Corona vaccine. cookie Cooperation Corona ... Recovery cases exceed the numbers of active cases in the country. Corona attacks China again ... and a record number of infections in America. Corona confrontation committee in Misurata announces the opening of two clinics Corona confrontation in Misurata Corona Control Committee: We have taken permission to purchase a vaccine against Corona. Corona is spreading fast in the country. Corona may prevent Western countries from helping Libya Corona raises the global debt to a record level. Coronavirus vaccination campaign launched in 430 health centers across Libya. CorrieredellaSera Corruption ... a charge that continues to haunt senior state officials. cosplay cost Council of Arab Ministers Council of Islamic Sufism calls to demonstrate on Friday. Countries that support Haftar have already started to abandon him. Coup CPJ Crash Crete crime Crime Crimes Watch condemns the kidnapping of a family in Benghazi. Crime Watch Organization calls for Hifter to stop targeting civilians and civilian facilities. criminal Criminal Court: Hifter must handover Alwarfali Crisis Criticism of the draft budget presented to the deputies. Croatia Crude Crude Oil curly Customs Authority Cutting off water and electricity on Tripoli is a collective punishment czech Czech Bangladeshi Czech Republic Dabaiba: We will fulfill the entitlement of the next elections. Daesh Daewoo dance Danilo Calonego Darna Dbaiba: Turkey is an ally and a true partner of Libya. Dbaiba: We will send medical equipment to southern Tunisia to confront Corona. Dbaiba calls on parliament and state council to approve budget. DC Comics dead council death rate in India is close to 200 Debbie Grantham Debrez: The solution in Libya will not be military. debt Decree Establishment Defend Benghazi Brigade Defend Benghazi Brigades Defense Undersecretary: The fighting axes are moving in a positive way. De Maio: Turkey is an indispensable partner in several files. De Maio: We are working to activate the immigration agreement and rebuild Tripoli Airport. de Maio: We support the meetings of the 5 + 5 military committee. de Maio: “The course of the Libyan dialogue must be preserved. de Maio Sarraj decision to resign depends on form a new authority. de Maio “The signing of the ceasefire agreement is an achievement for Libya. Demands and challenges facing the political settlement. Demands for an investigation into the abduction of the civil activist “Rabai Alarabi. Demands to investigate Maiteeq. de Mayo: A comprehensive political dialogue is the solution in Libya. De Mayo: stability in Libya means stability in Italy. De Mayo: There is no military solution to the Libyan crisis De Mayo: We cannot allow Hifter to enter Tripoli. De Mayo calls for Tunisia to be included in the political settlement in Libya. de mayo calls on the European Union countries to engage in the track of solving the Libyan crisis. de mayo International parties have agreed on the wording of the final statement of the Berlin Conference. de mayo plane that crashes was not targetd democracy Democrats put pressure on trump to stop sale of weapons to UAE. Demonstrations Demonstrations in Tunisia due to Corona measures. Dengov Denunciations and boycotts of French products in several countries. department Department of foreign cases saves Libya from a financial loss of 350 million Egyptian pounds. department of state to Hifter to pull back from Tripoli deputies and supreme council call on sarraj to continue his duties. Deputies and the Supreme Council of the State seek a political solution in Morocco. deputies deny issuance of a statement call for Egyptian intervention. Deputies hold the international community and Ghassan Salama responsible Deputy Head of the United Nations Derna despite a disagreement with it. Destruction and mines make it difficult for the displaced of Tripoli to return to their homes. Detained Libyans detective detention detention centers Deterioration of services and unrest in the eastern region. Development development and training: current dialogues in Libya will lead to solution. Dhaw Al-Mansouri: The Hurghada agreement is booby trapped. Dialogue sessions have stopped on the mechanism for selecting candidates. diet Dignitaries of Murzuq: The waves of displacement started from Chad. Dignity Di Maio: In the coming months Di Maio: The joint Libyan-Turkish agreement is a "bilateral understanding" between the two sides. Di Maio: We will open two consulates in Benghazi and in the south. Di Maio Welcomes new executive authority. diplomacy Director of Al-Aqsa Mosque: More than 300 people were injured during confrontations. Disagreement Disarmament of Sirte Discrepancies in the statement of the foreign affairs of the alliance of evil countries. Disease control : Corona infected cases increase to 59. Disease control: the epidemiological situation has worsened. Disease Control Center: The rate of registration in the vaccination system will increase. Disembarking Refusal displaced DisplacedAffairs Displaced of the aggression .. Continuous suffering amid government neglect. Distya Ameya Division Dmitry Medvedev Dmitry Peskov DNA Doctors WIthout Borders dog Dollar Rate don't miss Donald Trump Downpour Drah : Sirte is a red line and we will not concede its liberation. Driss Ben Brahim driving Drna Drones Drugs Dushanbe dutch East Eastern Central Bank ECHO Economic Cooperation Economic Reforms Economy Economy and Industry education Egypt Egypt Air resumes its flights to Qatar after a 3-year halt. Egypt and France welcomed the statements by Al-Sarraj and Aqeela for a ceasefire. Egypt cites political agreement and supports Hifter egyptian foreign ministry Egyptian official: We will send a first batch of Egyptian workers to Libya soon. Egyptian sources: an agreement to deliver a Russian-made tanks to Hifter. egyptians protest agains demolishing their homes. Egyptian warships cross the Turkish territorial waters. Egypt is reviewing it stance towards the GNA. Egypt is seeking Egypt sends soldiers to Syria to fight with Bashar. EinZara Eissa El-Bakoush El-Hami El-SIsi El Boussefi election elections electoral commission Elhssadi to “ Qais Saeed”: You should support the democratic civil path. Elmagrabi El Sisi congratulates Al Manifi and Dbaiba. Embargo embassy Emirates Aircrafts bombed Ghiryan Emirati attempts to obstruct the Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement. Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani Ending the Libyan-Turkish cooperation memorandum Eni Eni: shutting down the oil further complicates the Libyan problem. Enrico Credendino Enzo Mauviro Milanese Enzo Melanesi Enzo Moavero Milanesi EOD EquatorialGuinea Erdogan Erdogan: Achieving stability in Libya is in the interest of the neighboring countries and Europe. Erdogan: Critics of Turkey do not see how some Western countries flood coup leaders with weapons in Libya. Erdogan: Egypt and Turkey are starting a new era. Erdogan: Legitimacy in Libya is for the GNA and Haftar is just a mercenary. Erdogan: Libya looks to the future with renewed hope. Erdogan: Macron needs a mental test. Erdogan: Our agreement with Libya is a sovereign right of the two countries. Erdogan: Our positive stance thwarted the attempt to impose European sanctions on us. Erdogan: The hostile stance of Hifter must be ended in order to begin a political solution. Erdogan: The Turkish intervention contributed to reviving the political solution in Libya. Erdogan: The UN Security Council should intervene and send clear messages to "Israel". Erdogan: The world must support the legitimate GNA Erdogan: Turkey will strengthen its cooperation with Libya Erdogan: We have no ambitions for anyone’s lands and wealth. Erdogan: We sent 35 soldiers to support the GNA with training and coordination tasks. Erdogan: We warn Egypt Erdogan and Asarraj discuss the executive program of the Memorandums of Understanding. Erdogan and Merkel agree to strengthen the United Nations plan in Libya. Erdogan and Putin discuss developments in the Libyan issue. Erdogan calls for the expulsion of mercenaries from Libya. Erdogan calls on NATO to assume its responsibilities. Erdogan calls on the international community to support the elections in Libya. Erdogan declares of prospective meeting with Putin on Libya Erdogan Turkish investments in Afrika is about 70 Billion Dollars. erdogan we staretd joint cooperation with Libya Eric Strating Eritrea ESCWA: $ 576 billion the losses in the conflict in Libya. Essebi Essebsi EsSider Es Sider Establishment of the High Commission for National Reconciliation.. Ethiopia Ethiopia: We want to enhance cooperation and contribute to the stability of Libya. Ethiopia warns Egypt of establishing a military base on its borders. EU EUBAM EU express its hope that 5+5 meetings will bring good results. EU Libya is at increased risk from corona EU mission to libya Eurasia Euro-Med observatory : “Wagner” planted mines in Sirte Europe european European Council European Council on Foreign Relations European opposition to a US proposal to appoint two UN envoys in Libya. European Parliamentarian condemns the continuous attacks European policy on Libya is wrong. Europeans European Union European Union: 55 points agreed during the Berlin Conference on the Libyan Crisis. European Union: We will not expel our accredited Libyan ambassador. European Union: What happened in Libya is a truce European Union Council European Union Mission: The coming weeks will be crucial for Libya. European Uniopn Sanctions Europol EU support the un to stop war in Libya EU We are ready to put in place a mechanism to stabilize the ceasefire in Libya. EU wrer pushing for stabilty in Libya Evacuation even if it is wounded exams exclusive Executive Branch exhibition of victims of Tarhuna graves succeeds in handing over the bodies to their families. Expectations of the Security Council issuing a resolution on Libya Expected Russian-Turkish discussions on Libya will be held soon. explosives Eygpt Facebook Facebook reveals wagner funded pages attacking the political dialogue. faiez al-sarraj Failure in Cairo regarding the constitution meetings. failure of the councils of deputies and state to correct the GNA. failure of the health ministry Faiz Al-Sarraj False Allegations Faraj: There are consultations to resume the sessions of the “13+ 13” committee. Faraj Abdul-Malik farraj Farwa fat Fathi AL Majbari Fatou Bensouda Fayaz Al Sarraj fayez Fayez Al-Sarraj Fayez Sarraj Fayez Seraj Fazan Anger Fazan Anger Movement featured Featured: 2 equal - boxed Featured: 2 equal - stretched Featured: 3 equal - boxed Featured: 3 equal - stretched Featured: 3 mixed v1 - boxed Featured: 3 mixed v1 - stretched Featured: 3 mixed v2 - boxed Featured: 3 mixed v2 - stretched Featured: 3 mixed v3 - boxed Featured: 4 equal - boxed Featured: 4 equal - stretched Featured: 4 mixed v1 - stretched Featured: 5 mixed v1 - boxed Featured: 5 mixed v1 - stretched February ... the birth of a new government. federal court Federica Mogherini fezzan FFA Fifa Finance Financial corruption plunges institutions in the eastern region Financial Times: Haftar came under international pressure to open oil. Financial Times: Haftar has become a burden on France. first aid Fisherman five children killed in Alsawani bombing Five states will decide the US election tussle. Flight's Fees Increase Floods Flying ambulance authority receives a new plane from the USA. Football Foreign Affairs Foreign cases department saves Libya from losing $ 69 million. Foreign interference has exacerbated the crisis in Libya foreign ministry Foreign Ministry: We count on Algeria to stop the aggression. foreign ministry accommodates stranded people in tunisia Foreign Ministry Attack Foreign Policy: The UAE pays the costs of the Russian "Wagner" company in Libya. Formation of a security chamber with a national leadership. Former Italian Interior Minister “Marco Minniti” .. Italy has returned with a new awareness in Libya. Former Italian Navy Chief of Staff: Haftar is a lame horse that Italy abandoned. Former Minister of Industry Mahmoud Al Futaisi: Turkey is in Libya based on an agreement. Former US envoy to Libya: “Biden” will support peaceful solution in Libya. For the first time since 2014 an Egyptian delegation visits Tripoli. Fouad: The unity government should apologize for the statement by Al-Manqoush. Four European countries are brandishing measures. France France: The military victory will not restore calm to Libya France and Italy France and Italy welcome the outcomes of the 5 + 5 JMC. France calls for the return to dialogue 5 + 5. France directs accusations against Turkey after the defeat of Haftar. France is pushing Libya towards collapse. France seeks to turn the page by welcoming Bashagha. Francois Hollande Frank Poccia fraud freckles French French "Enserm" begins tests to treat corona. French "Le point": Abu Dhabi supports Hifter to control Tripoli French newspaper Le Monde: at the request of Macron Hifter visited Paris French proposal to distribute oil revenues French site: UAE company "Trasta" fails to cancel a fine of $ 115 million in favor of the NOC. French TV From Ghadames to Ghadames ... Submission to dialogue after the failure of the aggression. From Tripoli From Tripoli to Sirte. From Tunis to Braiqa ... Will the efforts of the UN mission succeed. Frontex Frozen Frozen assets frozen funds fuel Funds G5 G20 GACFMMP Gaddafi Ganfouda Garabulli Garcia Garcia Margallo Gas GB GECOL Gelik on uae normlizing relations with israel. Gelmini Gender base violence General Haftar General Mohammad Al Ghusri General National Congress General National Congrfess General Siddiq al Soor Geneva Genscape Geoff Porter german German "Bild": Russia will establish military bases in 6 African countries. German DW: Biden’s policy towards the Libyan crisis will be at Haftar’s expense. German Foreign Ministry: We will hold meetings with "Putin" German Foreign Ministry: We will work to issue a Security Council resolution German Institute for International and Security Affairs German newspaper: Putin throws his weight in Libya german ngo Germany Germany: The verdict against the journalist at Aboziriba is a flagrant violation. Germany and Tunisia reaffirm their commitment to international legitimacy in Libya. Germany detects the first case of infection with the new strain of Corona virus. germeny Ghadames Ghaith: The authorization of the Egyptian parliament is ink on paper. Ghannouchi: We communicate with the GNA because it is legitimate. Gharain Gharyan Ghassan Salama ghassan salame Ghat Ghawill Ghiryan Ghweil Giant Refugee City giuseppe Givernance Glencore Global Affairs Global Affairs Canada Globe and Mail glws GMbH GNA GNA army repels attempts to advance by Hifter forces GNAHC GNA must issue an arrest warrant for those who requested Egyptian intervention. GNA to submit lists of those accused in the mass graves . GNC Gnuno: Haftar leads gangs of criminals and we are awaiting an international investigation. Gnunu: Those who send messages of threat must pay attention to the terrorism. Gnunu: We have documented repeated breaches of the truce Goldman Sachs Gonono gorilla Goueili: The base of the Alwittia was a source of sedition. governance government Government of National Government of National Accord Grandi stresses the need to support the political process leading to elections in Libya. Great Man-Made River Great Man-Made River system Greece Greek Green Mountain Guerdane Guerman Goutorov Guerrini: Italy will continue to provide the necessary support to Libya to reorganize its security forces. Guinea Guiseppe Buccino Guterres Guterres: The mobilization of mercenaries in Libya threatens to renew the war. Guterres: The participation of the permanent members of Secyrity Council in Berlin enhances the unity of the council on Libya. Guterres: The permanent ceasefire in Libya must be accepted by all Libyan parties. Guterres: Williams is working hard with all Libyan Guterres announces his intention to remain in office for a second term. Guterres calls on the Libyan parties to engage in a political process. Guterres condemns the bombing of Al-Hadba Hospital Guterres demands the removal of foreign forces. Guterres return to Normal depends on finding a vaccine for corona Guterres war makes things difficult in Libya Guterres welcomes the African Union’s appointment of three envoys. Guwarsha H.R.W calls on the Libyan authorities to protect prisoners H2O Team Habib Essid Hadba Hadid: Our forces are still maintaining their full potential Haftar Haftar accuses the Libyans of ignorance. Haftar and Bin Salman are wanted by US courts. Haftar and his sons tamper with the money of the Libyans. Haftar and the targeting of medical centers Haftar announces an agreement to dismantle them and evacuate their headquarters. Haftar appoints a new team to defend him in Virginia. haftar Bombing hospitals and shutting off water Haftar continues to rely on extremist groups funded from abroad. Haftar directs his supporters to the second option to cut off the road on Aqila. Haftar disowns his militias. Haftar Haftar shuts off water at the time the epidemic Haftar hands over the largest oil fields to Wagner mercenaries. Haftar is facing great difficulties in persuading his mercenaries to leave Sirte. Haftar is holding the fishermen to cnclude a deal. Haftar is trying to wriggle from the economic crisis he has caused. Haftar meets members of his militias defeated in Tripoli. Haftar Militias bombard Tripoli in retaliation for its losses on the battlefield. Haftar militias kill 7 civilians after targeting the student residence in Alfornaj area. Haftar militias lose 6 cities and turn to defend Tarhuna. Haftar militias target hospitals and shut off water to Tripoli. Haftar militias target the Alkhadra Hospital Haftar moves in Ghat ... and the Presidential Council does not move. Haftar must bear the results. Haftar must be punished in order to comply with the truce. Haftar obstructs the Tunis dialogue. Haftar orders an investigation into the killing of Al-Barasi. Haftar owns millions of dollars in real estate abroad. Haftar puts the army’s capabilities under Al Sisi’s command. Haftar releases 8 women from Qurnada prison. Haftar requests an authorization with a constitutional document. Haftar requests a return to military talks. Haftar sets conditions for Dbaiba to enter Benghazi .. Will the government accept ? Haftar throws his militia into suppressing demonstrations. Haftar was defeated on the walls of Tripoli. haftar will not hold out for long. Hafter Hague hair Haitham Haley Hamad Sassi Hamouda announces the postponement of the date of the cabinet meeting in Benghazi. Hanan Salah Harawa Harmful strikes of Operation " Peace Storm " hinder Haftar militarily Haroon Rashid Harouge Oil Operations Hasawneh Has Haftar burnt his cards with his backers? Hassan Osman Eissa Hatteen Brigade announces the withdrawal of its vehicles from the coastal road west of Sirte. Hawaili: The implementation of the Bo_Zniqa agreement is postponed. Hawaili: We will form a committee to prepare forms for candidacy for sovereign positions. Hawaili confirms that he welcomes Abo Zniqa consensuses. Haweli: The speeches of the candidates for the executive authority some are good. Haweli: The vote on the presidential choice has not started yet. Hawili: Canceling or freezing international agreements is the right of the next elected body. Hawili: It is better for the president to be elected directly. Hawili: The mission suspended the sessions of the “13 + 13” committee. HCS Header: Background image Header: Background pattern Header: Background Solid Header: Style v1 Header: Style v2 Header: Style v3 Header: Text on background image Header gradient Health Health ministry condemns haftar attack on medical team Health Ministry delivers ventilators to Misurata center Heiko Maas: We working to hold elections and the withdrawal of all foreign fighters. he Military Committee announces an exchange of prisoners. He spends billions on buying weapons. he would have recovered sooner. Hiftar hiftar is a toy for russia not a player Hifter Hifter accepts the political solution Hifter admitted that he does not have control over all his forces Hifter and his double rhetoric Hifter and his media continue to underestimate the minds of Libyans. Hifter and the media loyal to him accuse the GNA of neglecting sovereignty ... Has he preserved it? Hifter and Turkey .. From the media threat to asking for help from the Security Council. Hifter brings in Syrian mercenaries "Druze" Hifter complied with a cease-fire after call from the us embassy Hifter continues to kill Libyans Hifter is delaying the signing to try to blow up the Berlin conference Hifter is involved in bringing mercenaries hifter is not interested in a political solution. Hifter militia kills civilians with indiscriminate shells fired at Al-Badri Alhadba area. Hifter militias have killed 21 civilians and wounded 31 Hifter militias kill 5 women and wound 7 others Hifter militias kill two children and an elderly man Hifter refusal to sign the joint statement in Berlin confirming his desire for a military solution. Hifter used the "Wagner" to achieve military progress Hiftir apologizes for downing a us aircraft High Council of Reconciliation High Council of State Highest State High Judicial Council High school students Hira Hiwaili: We hope the 5 + 5 meetings will produce fruitful results. HNEC Holiday Holland Hollande Holland embassador Hollywood stars announce their candidate in the US presidential election. home HOR HOR arraedlg hor condemns following egypt denounced HoR demand the Planning Committee to submit its report on the draft budget. Hosni Hachemi Ben hassem Hospital Houn House of Repres House of Representati House of Representatives House or Representatives houston How do mail votes complicate the outcome of the US presidential race? How will Biden’s arrival to the US presidency affect the Libyan crisis? How will istanbul agreement afect aggression hsc Huge figures... How did Haftar blow the Libyan economy to feed his wars? humanitarian humanitarian aid Human Rights human rights comission Human Rights Commission in Libya: Migrants in the eastern region are subjected to slavery. Human rights organizations call for Public Prosecutor to open an urgent investigation. Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch: Al Kaniyat and their leaders are directly involved in the Tarhuna crimes. Human Rights Watch: Haftar militias laid mines to punish civilians. Human Rights Watch: Hifter militias used cluster bombs to kill civilians. Human Rights Watch calls on the government to guarantee holding free elections. Human Rights Watch calls on Washington not to sell arms to the UAE. Human Rights Watch welcomes the ceasefire agreement. Hun hundreds of Russian mercenaries leave from Bani Walid to Al-Jufra and Russia. Hungary hunger strike Huwaili: Corona swabs for the dialogue members came negative. Huwaili: It is possible that the second voting session will be postponed. Huwaili: The Tunis Dialogue succeeded in breaking the ice . Huwaili: What Al Sarraj did in Italy is tampering. Hyundai IbrahimAl-Ejeel Ibrahim Al Awami Ibrahim Al Jedran Ibrahim Bel Rajab Ibrahim Jadhrans ICC ICC: We are working to verify the reports related to the killing of Al-Werfalli. I do not expect Deputies to accept the start of political dialogue Idris Younes IED IEDs If Trump had been treated in Egypt igtet II Amandment illegal illegal immigrants illegalimmigrants Illegal Immigration Imam of Azhar calls for legislation criminlizing hostilty to Islam. IMF immigrant immigrants immigration Implementation of the outputs of the 5 + 5 committees begins. Implementing the outcomes of the military agreement and expelling mercenaries. In a few hours the army liberates three cities In a sign of the military rule in the eastern region In a step to unite and end the political division including 9 children including a European state that is a member of the European Union? including Libya. Including Libya ... the European Union imposes sanctions on officials and entities. Inclusion of the outputs of Tunisia and Geneva. in coordination with Russia Increase in flights between Benghazi and Damascus recently indicates transfer of more mercenaries. Independence Day India Indian Foreign Ministry in contact over kidnapped citizens. indonesia Inhumane Acts Initiatives In light of the security grip of Hifter in Benghazi insect instagram Intelligence: Haftar dreams of presiding over Libya. Interest interim PM Interior Minister Interior Minister: Defending the state against the coup is a legitimate right. Interior Ministry elements help citizens in solving the problems of the roads. Interior ministry statement international International and Arab praises of the progress in the Libyan dialogue rounds. International and local welcome to the signing of the ceasefire agreement. international calls to stop the war International Energy Agency: Exporting countries from outside the "OPEC +" will increase production. International Follow-up Committee: government's primary task is to ensure elections in December. International meetings clarify the organization of the internal house of GNA International oil prices drop 3% after the resumption of production at the Al Sharara oil field. International Organisation for Migration International Organization for Migrants International Organization for Migration International Support International Symposium interview In the presence of “Stephanie and Saeed” ... the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum is making its way in Tunis. In the second session of the deputies in Sirte ... Dbaiba reviews the ministerial formation. Intrior minsitry arrest Suqaabi Investment Bank in “Benghazi”. IOM Iran Iraq iron and steel company warns of possible assult IS Ischler: The dispatch of Turkish forces to Libya came at the request of the legitimate government. Ischler: The victories in Libya are a step towards the realization of the strong democratic country. ISIL ISIS ISISL Ismaeil Al Shukri Ismail Kamoka is political. israel Israel: Turkish forces deployed in Libya a dangerous escalation. Issa is the imminent fall of the Haftar militias in the western region approaching? is the one who legitimized the aggression Istishari Bashagha has positively contributed to establishing peace in Libya. Istishari Bashagha will get the highest percentage of votes if the elections are held now. Italia italian Italian "Nova": Bashagha has a major role in combating terrorism. Italian companies will start building the coastal road Ras Ajdir-Emsaed. italian defence minister : we are ready to cooperate with the GNA. Italian Defense Minister stresses the strategic role of Libya. Italian diplomats: Al-Sarraj’s proposal is a “scenario” that is not applicable on the ground. Italian Eni: Our activities in Libya are going well. Italian Foreign Minister Italian Foreign Ministry: Chaos in Libya will not return. Italian Foreign Ministry: Our fishermen are being held by a local "militia". Italian Foreign Ministry: The Libyan dialogue should be protected from external interference. Italian politician: The European mission to visit Libya must have a clear plan Italians Italian “La Republica”: Al-Sarraj suggested to Haftar to name the prime minister from the east. Italy Italy: Aqeela can contribute to solving the crisis politically. Italy: Ministerial meeting along the lines of the Berlin Conference on Libya on June 23. Italy: Our goals in Libya are to resume economic activities and stem the flow of migrants. Italy: Power in Libya cannot be taken with arms Italy: We have overcome our differences with France over Libya and there is an opportunity for stability. Italy: We hope that the Libyan parties will support a comprehensive solution. Italy: We wish to continue military cooperation with Libya. Italy and Germany: We will work to make the Berlin conference a success Italy and Spain stress on the political solution in Libya. Italy announces the release of the fishermen detained in Benghazi. Italy condemns the attack on Bashagha and affirms its solidarity with him. Italy expresses its concern about the violation of the cease-fire resolution. italy requests Tunisia in Berlin Italy welcomes the agreement of the dialogue members. Italy will not accept extortion in the case of detained fishermen in eastern Libya. iTele It has been more than 36 hours since Tripoli airport shelling It is difficult to describe Haftar as the strong man It is not within the government's jurisdiction to reconsider agreements. it is possible to raise turkey export to libya. it will better it would be impossible to end the conflict in Libya. ivory coast Jaber Zein Jadhran Jadu Jafara Jalal Shuwehdi Janzour Janzur Jaouhouria Bank javelin JCP Jean Marc Ayrault Jens Stoltenberg Jeroen Oerlemans jerusalem Jessica Seguin JeuneAfrique Jeune Afrique newspaper: Pashaga ... the only politician who is confronting Hifter Jhinaoui Joel Millman jofra John Brennan John Cantlie John Kerry Joint Arab Security joint operation room misurta announces start of campaign. Jonathan Winer Jordan Jordanian Hospitals Jordanian MP calls on his country to clarify its relationship with Hifter militias. Joseph Muscat Journalist Freedom João Moutinho justice and construction Justice and construction: We call on the GNA to abide by the ceasefire Justice and Construction Party Justice and Construction Party: mass graves are crimes that violate laws. Justice and Construction Party accuse Almarsad of fraud. Justice and Construction party denounce attempt to obstruct the political process. Justin Trudeau Juwali Jwaili: We hope the House of Representatives will meet at the earliest opportunity. Jwali: The joint force has a clear mandate. Kalashnikovs Kannah Karama Forces Karmous: There are no indications of starting preparations for the elections. Karmous calls on the GNA to block the road for the parallel government Karmus: Al-Mismari’s insulting remarks to Libyan women is a dirty game. Karmus: Any failure to arrest the perpetrators in Tarhuna is a betrayal of the homeland. Karmus: By refusing to sign Karmus: The UN mission is restrained Kazakhstan suspends three airlines. Kenah : defending Tripoli is our duty Kerala Cheif Keralites Khaled Al-Meshri Khaled SHkshak Khaleej Sirte Khalid al Shayab Khalifa al-Ghwail Khalifa Ghweil Khalifa Ghwell Khalifa Hafar Khalifa Haftar Khalifa Hifter Khalifa Hzaftar Khamseen Khemaies Jhinaoui Khoms Kidnap Kidnaping kidnapping Kidnapping and assassination… Benghazi The situation is on the brink of a disaster. Kidnappings and tampering with public and private property Kigali Killed killing children reveals the true character of Haftar killing of hafar leaders was not random kingdom Kiron Skinner Knack Kobler Kraft calls for respecting the arms embargo. Kubis: The UN mission supports all solutions that lead to elections next December. Kubis and Le Drian stress the importance of holding elections in December in enhancing stability. Kubis calls for international support to hold the elections next December. Kubiş: Unless the perpetrators and violators of human rights are held accountable Kubiš: political dialogue forum has a decisive and legitimate role in resolving the deadlock and division. Kubiš stresses that elections will be held next December. Kufra Kuwait Lactalis LAICO Lamorgese: I trust Libya's ability to move forward towards full stability. Lampedusa landmines LAS LaStampa Latest Update Laurent Lavrov Lavrov: Russia has not gambled on either side in Libya. Lavrov: The joint efforts between Moscow and Ankara succeeded. Lavrov: The Libyans must make the right choice to end the conflict. Lavrov: We are working with Turkey to install the ceasefire in Libya. Lavrov demands on behalf of Haftar to sign the cease-fire in Libya. Lavrov regrets that Hifter has not signed on the ceasefire. law lawsuit lawsuit management made Libya avoid paying half a billion dollars to a French company. Lawsuits filed against Haftar ... will they lead him to prison? LCW documents the arrest of lawyer Adnan Fadlallah Leaders Leaders of European countries and Turkey reaffirm their support for the Berlin conference. Learn about the American presidents who faced impeachment. Lebanon Lebanon Summit Le Drian Russia brings Syrian mercenaries to fight with Haftar. Legal Cooperation Legislative Le Monde: Haftar lost control of his followers from the Chadian opposition. Le Monde: The bet on Haftar failed. Lesotho let him come. Levy: We documented the crimes committed by the Haftar militias in Tarhuna. LFA LFF LGTC LIA LIA Breish LIA demands that it be allowed to manage the frozen Libyan assets. LIA welcomes sanctions committee rejection. Liba Libya Libya and Italy discuss the implementation of the road project. Libya and Malta sign a memorandum of air and sea cooperation. Libya and Tunisia agree to quaratine the stranded Libya Constitution Libya Crime Watch Organization documents 20 kidnappings in Sirte. Libya Elections Libya has gold and iron reserves Libya Intervention Libya is about to send 30 doctors to Italy to help tackle Corona. Libya is on the brink of coronavirus Libyan Libyan Airlines Libyan and Turkish Foreign Ministries respond to the five-sided statement. libyan army Libya National Oil Corporation Libyan Coast Guard Libyan Coastguard Libyan Constitution Libyan Crisis Libyan Debt libyan embassy calls on libyans living in italy to be in touch libyan embassy offers help to Libyans in italy Libyan Flag Libyan Foreign Ministry Libyan Foreign Ministry: The UAE will be prosecuted Libyan funds Libyan Gazette Libyan Investment Authority Libyan Mission in New York: Egypt interferes in Libyan affairs Libyan national army LibyanNavy Libyan Navy Libyan News Libyan North American Scholarship Program Libyan Officials Libyan Political Agreement Libyan Political Dialogue Committee LibyanPremierLeague Libyan Red Crescent Libyans Libyans will meet in Tunis at the beginning of November to try to end the crisis. libyan turkey agreement focal point between sayal and europeam embassador Libya Oil Crescent Libya Political Agreement Libya records 309 new cases of corona virus. Libya represents an opportunity for the United States and the West. Libya should not turn into a battlefield for terrorism. Libyas Petroleum Facilities Guard libyba lilbya Lino: The advisory committee continues to discuss the proposed mechanisms. Lino: The House of Representatives asked the mission to disclose LJB LNA LNASP locations and rounds of negotiation ... leading to the start of comprehensive dialogue. Lokman Abou Sakhr London London High Court Los Angeles Galaxy LPA LRC Lung Infection Luqman Abu Sakhr Luxembourg Maas: Peace in Libya is possible. macaron Macron Macron: France seeks to find a political solution in Libya. Macron: I invite Turkey to hold political talks. Macron asks for Rapprochement with Erdogan. Macron is the biggest supporter of those accused of mass graves in Libya. Madagascar Maghrib Mahmoud Werfalli Mahmud Alsoqotri. Maiteeq Maitiga Majeure Major airlines adopt a health passport to detect coronavirus test results. makeup Mali Malita Malta malta peaceful solution to the libyan crisis looms Maltese court sentenced the Afriqiyah airlines plane hijacker. Manchester Attack Marada margaritis schinas Marines Marriage Marsa Al Hariga Marsa el Hariga Martin Kobler marzek Masllata Mass graves and decomposing bodies were found. Matla Mauritania Mauritius Mayo Clinic Mayor Measles Medecins Sans Frontieres media Mediation Efforts Medical staff Medical Supplies Mediterranean Mediterranean Sea Meeting Mellita Mellitah Oil & Gas Member of Parliament Ziad Daghaim believes that the government’s budget will never be approved. Member of the 5 + 5 Committee Mercineries might bring corona into libya Merkel merzek Messinis Messla Meteorology National Center : Moderate temperatures with high humidity. Metiga Mevlut Vacusoglu Michael O Shaughnessy Middle East Middle East Comic COnvention migrant crisis MIgrant Offshore Aid Station migrants migrants crisis migrants shelling in wadi arabea fatory Migration Mihail Bogdanov Mike Pompeo Mikhail Bogdanov milad maatouk Milan Military Military Chief Military Commanders Military Committee: We disposed of 3 tons of war remnants. Military Coordination Military Escalation Military Rule military trials and the destruction of buildings .. Achievements of "Al Karama". Militias milk Minister Ayrault Minister of Health: More than 5 million doses of "Johnson & Johnson" vaccine will arrive soon. Minister Siala ministry ministry of communication Ministry of Economy Ministry of education Ministry of Education extends the suspension of studies Ministry of health ministry of interior Ministry of Interior: Haftar militias underestimate the lives of citizens. Ministry of Internal ministry of justice Ministry of Justice: We are working on a draft law criminalizing hatred speech. ministry of justice to proscute saif gadafi in Libya ministry of transportation Misrata Mission: We will announce the results of the vote on Tuesday. mission EU mistrata misurata Misurata Airport: 28 passengers were quarantined. Misurata elects its new Mayor Mitiga Mitiga airport Mitiga International Airport Mlita Moammar Gaddafi Moammar Gadhafi MOAS Moez Ben Abdelkader Fezzani Mohamed al Gasri mohamed ashtawi Mohamed Bin Zayid Mohamed El-Munir Mohamed Gharsi Mohammad Gharsi Mohammed Daqlo Mohammed Sawan Mohammed Sayla Mohsen Lachiheb Mokhtar Belmokhtar Monastir Monday Monitoring bodies reveal corruption in the Communications and Health Administration. monkey Montenegro more than 3.5 billions oil closure loses so far. More than 90 schools were destroyed by the aggression on Tripoli. More than 3000 Immigrants are ready to leave Libya. more than two million cases of corona were recorded in one week. Morocco Morocco: The ceasefire agreement in Libya is an important development. Morocco and Switzerland inspires optimism. Morocco invites the committee of Parliament and the Supreme Council (13 + 13). Morocco refuses to participate in the "Berlin 2". Morocco selection of a new executive authority an important step. Mosco Moscow Moscow announces the reopening of its embassy in Tripoli. Moussa Faki Mahamat Moussa Faraj: The Central Bank is based in Tripoli. MP MSF Muammar Muammar el-Qaddafi Muammar Gaddafi Muammar Qaddafi Muftah Mgerief Muharraq Municipal Elections municipality Murzuk musa faraj muscat Muslim Brotherhood Muslims Mustafa Sanalla Nabeel Aqoub NACC Nadia Omran Naeem Alghiryani: We call on the Presidential Council to form a war government. Nafoura Nagi Emagrabi nahorny Nalut Namroush: After securing Alwittia air base the army forces will head to Tripoli Narendra Modi Nassia: The Presidential Election Law is an important step towards elections. National NationalCenterDiseaseControl national commission for human rights National Conference National Congress National Electoral Mission National Forum nationality National Oil Co. National Oil Company National Oil Company: March revenues exceeded $ 2 billion. National Oil Company returns ownership of the Libyan-Norwegian Fertilizer Company to the state. National Oil Company warns of the consequences of the closure of oil ports on electricity. National Oil Corp National Oil Corporation National Oil Corporation: End of all closures of oil fields and ports. National Oil Corporation announced the decline in production National Oil Corporation reiterates its call to lift the forced closure. National Oil Corporation reveals the control of mercenaries over oil fields. national reconciliation NATO NATO: The Russian military presence in Libya is worrying. NATO: Turkey is an important ally. NATO: We are committed to providing advice to Libya. NATO confirms its readiness to support Libya if conditions on the ground improve. NATO Secretary-General: We support the reconciliation government NATO welcomes the ceasefire agreement in Libya. Navy Navy exercises with Arab and international participation in the Mediterranean. Nawfiliyah NCDC NCHRL Nearly 100 dead from Haftar militias in 48 hours. NEMA Netherlands never new New batches of the army in the western region. New evidence revealed by AFRICOM about the presence of Russian mercenaries in Libya. New military reinforcements reach the army in the central region. news News Digest New York New York times New Zealand NFA ngo Niamey Niger Nigeria Nigerians Niven NMC NOC NOC: We will not allow oil to be used as a "bargaining chip". NOC condemns the import of illegal aviation Noka Nominating UAE official as head of Interpol will jeopardize the credibility of the organization. None of the local parties was able to stop the Al-Kani militia from committing the crimes in Tarhuna. Norland: Commitment to the elections is essential for investment. Norland: My appointment as a special envoy to Libya is an indication of the United States' intensification of its role in Libya. Norland: The election of a government on December 24th is the most effective tool for forcing mercenaries to leave. Norland: The opportunity is favorable for political leaders in Libya. Norland: The Turkish intervention stopped the "Wagner" attack on Tripoli. Norland: Wagner mercenaries participated in the attack on Chad. Norland: Washington has held consultations with Egypt and Turkey on Libya. Norland: We support the oil revenue freeze temporarily. Norland: “Libya needs an elected government with full powers to rule the country. Norland and the President of the Tebu Congress discuss the elections in Libya. Norland in Turkey to support the political dialogue in Libya. Norland renews his support for the unification of the military establishment and elections. Norland we express our great respect for participants of the dialogue in Tunisia. Norland welcomes the efforts of the Military Committee. North Africa North African Norway Nouri Abusahmen November number of displaced increasing Obama obruk Observers: "Wagner" will not leave with negotiations. Observers: Bashaga Observers: Haftar sees himself above any authority. Observers: The attempts to remove "Williams" are intended to thwart the political dialogue. Observers: The ceasefire initiative forces Hifter to accept a political solution. Observers: The decision to suspend Bashagha stems from the corruption lobby. Observers: There are no desired results from the Berlin conference. Observers: The Switzerland and Morocco agreements are an important step. Offense officers in the Assad regime are involved in recruiting mercenaries sent to Libya. Officials: The Egyptian initiative is too late. Oglu: "Irini" is unbalanced because France is sending weapons to Haftar. Oglu: Hifter does not want peace in Libya. Oglu: the GNA is preparing for an upcoming military operation to liberate Sirte. Oglu: The world does not have a strong will to stop the conflict in Libya. Oglu: Turkey and Britain have the same vision about the Libyan crisis. Oglu: Turkey will cooperate with Algeria on the Libyan crisis. Oglu: Turkey will send military experts and technical teams to support the Government of National Accord. Oglu There is a Turkish-Russian rapprochement on the ceasefire in Libya. Oil Oil Crescent Oil Cresent Oild Oilfield Oilfieled Oil Price Oil prices are falling by about 3% with the closures in Europe due to Corona. Oil prices continue to decline after the opening of all oil fields in Libya. Oil sales revenue amounted to more than one billion and 115 million in December 2020. Oktay: Macron is doing harm to his country by supporting Haftar. Old City Oliver Owzca Olivier Jakob Olympic oman On Friday On the anniversary of the disappearance of Serqiwa ... the parallel interior ignores revealing its fate. On the anniversary of the Murzuq massacre. On the anniversary of the UNICEF Hifter kills Libyan children. On the day of endorsement of the lists. On the second anniversary of the aggression. On the second anniversary of the aggression on Tripoli. Oommen Chandy op-ed OPCW OPE OPEC Open Arms Operation "Irini" searches a ship bound for Benghazi. Operation Dignity Operation Odyssey Lightning Operation SOphia Operation Volcano Opinion opinion editorial Osama Saleh Over a million Libyans receive their salaries from oil revenues. Oxford We await more data on rare problems of blood clotting in vaccinated adults. Pagination: Infinite Scroll Pagination: Infinite Scroll (First load via click) Pagination: Load More Pagination: Page Links painting Pakistan. Pakistani Palermo Palermo conference palestine PAM Panama Paolo Gentiloni Paolo Serra Parallel oreign Ministr: We hope to normalize relations with "Israel" parents Paris Parliamentarians: We welcome the political solution. Parliamentary Elections Pashaga: The army is on standby and Hifter has sent his soldiers to perish Pashaga issues a security statement Pashaga to Hifter: Surrendering to the fact that the attack failed saves more effort Pashagha passport Paul Champ PC Peace Peaceful Peace Storm a response to continuos bombing PECB Pentagon Peter Bodde Peter Bodi Peter Millett Petroleum Facilities Guard Petromatrix Petrosport PFG Pfizer and Biontech companies start distributing their Corona virus vaccine. Pfizer Chairman on Corona Vaccine. Philippine Placement pledges made by the candidates for the post of prime minister. Poilce Station poitics police politcs political Political Affairs Political Conflict politics poltics Pompeo Pompeo: Concrete measures will be taken soon against perpetrators. Pompeo: Washington supports the political process in Libya. Pompeo: We welcome the signing of the ceasefire agreement. Pompeo and de Maio hail the progress made in the dialogue meetings. Pompeo and Le Drian underline the political solution in Libya. Pompeo confirms from the UAE non-escalation. Pompeo hopes to reopen oil ports. Pompeo supplying weapons to Libya is violations of UN resolutions. Popular demands to implement the outputs of the 5 + 5 committee. Popular demonstrations condemn living conditions. Popular demonstrations demanding the Interior Ministry to fulfill its promise to fight corruption. Port Portugal positive power Pozzallo Prague Premier League preparing for credible elections. Presidency Council Presidency Elections Presidency Reshuffle President Presidential Presidential Council Presidential Council: We are concerned about the violations in Sirte. Presidential Council allocates funds to municipalities under Haftar Presidential Council in an extraordinary meeting decided to activate the memorandum presidential council statement Presidential Council welcomes international calls for a humanitarian truce Presidential Guard President of the United States Press Press freedom Prikhidko Prime Minister Prince Prince Hamzah was aiming to present himself as an alternative ruler of the country. prison Proactiva Open Arms procrastination Production Increase Production Reduce Progress Promises to bring Corona vaccines are still being made and not kept. Protest Protesters against the dismissal of Bashagha in Misurata. Protests Protests outside the UAE embassy in London. psychology psyciatric Putin Putin: The presence of mercenaries in Libya is a "very serious issue". Putin: There is no alternative to a political settlement in Libya. Putin and Conte: The solution in Libya is political not military. Putin announces the registration of the first vaccine against the Corona. Putin will take positive steps towards "Wagner" Qadhafi Qalan : the GNA defends Tripoli against the Haftar. Qalan : we are working to stabilize Libya. Qalin : Turkey has no intention of escalating in Libya. Qalin: Turkey is ready to move positively with Egypt on Libya. Qalin : Turkey refuses to divide Libya politically and geographically. Qaminis Qanfouda Qanuno: 15 Hifter mercenaries were killed QararaAl-Qatf Qasr Ben Ghashir Qatar Qatar: Haftar is only concerned with the political process when he loses the military option. Qatar and France affirm their historic partnership. Qatar condemns the bombing of Haftar militias on the capital. Qatar hopes that the ceasefire in Libya will be a step towards a political solution. Qatari Foreign Ministry condemns the suspension of oil exports. Qatarun Qatar welcomes the recent Libyan understandings. Qatrun que Rabie AlJiyash Radical religious militias fighting in the ranks of Haftar. Radio France: Haftar and his sons use a private plane to smuggle gold. Radio France: Moscow tried to overthrow the "Deby" regime through Haftar. Raguba Ramzan Kadyrov Random decisions taken by the presidential Council. Ras Ajdair RasAjdir Ras Jedir Ras Lanuf RasLanuf RCMP RCREEE Readings of observers in Haftar’s announcement of the continued closure of oil REAOL Rebian reconciliation Record the first cured case of coronavirus recruited by Russia for its interest in Libya. Red Crescent Red Cross Referendum Referendum law Referendumlaw reform Refugee Refugees Refusing to grant peace to the Libyans Relations Relations Freeze Release Remedies report ReporterswithoutBorders Report Response Representatives of the Eastern Region in the Geneva oppose the war. Repsol Research reports confirm Haftar received support from Israel to fight the GNA. Resignation Results Reuters Reuters: Russia is providing treatment for Wagner wounded in Libya. Reuters: Work resumed at Alsharara oil field. revolt Revolution Rida ISsa Rights Rimin River Authority Rixos Hotel Riyadh Robert Mahoney Rob Wainwright Rockets Romania Rome Rotterdam Ruben Neugebauer Rujban Ruling party in Chad: The armed opposition was armed and trained in Libya. Rumors Russia Russia and China oppose sanctions committee report on arms embargo. Russia and Turkey discuss the latest developments in the situation in Libya. Russia calls on the Libyan parties to start talks according to the Berlin outcomes. Russia continues to recruit young Syrians in preparation for sending them to Libya. Russia denies its support for Haftar in his aggression against Tripoli. Russia impede a resolution to include the Al Kani militia. Russia looks forward to implementing the results of the dialogue. Russian Russian "Nezavisimaya": The eastern region protests made Haftar admit his failure. Russian and foreign mercenaries prevent the resumption of oil production. Russian companies recruited 3 thousand Syrians to fight with Haftar. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Russian Foreign Ministry Russian Foreign Ministry: The start of Russian-Turkish negotiations on Libya. Russian Foreign Ministry: The various Libyan political forces must participate. Russian Foreign Ministry expresses its concern about the delay in appointing a UN envoy to Libya. Russian intervention made americans pay attention to the libyan issue Russian support fails to save Haftar. Russia refuses to include the "Alkani" militia in the international sanctions list. Russia sent 8 fighter jets to Haftar Russia will continue to search for A solution in libya Rwanda Saaid at the opening of the Tunis Dialogue: The solution to the Libyan crisis is peaceful. sabha Sabha Medical Centr sabha Military zone take control of oil field sabrata Sabratha Sadada Saddam Hussein Saeed: Any calls for a peaceful solution are welcome. Saeed: Pleads not to give the opportunity to those who committed crimes. safety Safrani: The second round of Dialogue may end up with signing of the final agreement. Sahel SahelSC Saima Mohsen is the first Muslim to hold the position of "Attorney General" in USA. Sajida Salah Badi Salama Salama: Ceasefire talks in Libya are moving in the right direction. Salama: I say to the countries that interfere in Libya Salama: The 5 + 5 committee will meet in mid-February in Berlin Salama: The Berlin Summit seeks to create an international umbrella to protect what the Libyan people agree on. Salama: Turkey’s intervention has altered the balance of power on the ground. Salama condemns the attacks of Hifter aircrafts on Azawiya Salama is concerned about the Russian support for Hifter. Salama resigned because he was under great pressure. Salama seeks to replace the legitimate authority Salama told us that Hifter must first approve the list of participants Salama welcomes international calls for a ceasefire. salame Salameh sales Salmonella Samah Oil Field Samno Declaration”: We demand the government to take real measures to end the presence of foreign forces. Sanalla Sanallah Sanallah: The Corporation will keep oil revenues until there is transparency. Sanallah: There are several countries that benefit financially from the absence of Libyan oil. Sanallah and Sarraj discuss regular revenue. sanallah conflict in libya is between those who want law and those against it. Sanallah discusses with the Maltese Ambassador activating the oil cooperation agreement. sanctions San Diego San Siro Sarir Sarraj Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia announces the holding of the rituals of Hajj according to special health controls. Saudi Arabia determines the age group for Umra. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is summoned to appear in a USA court. Saving more than a thousand migrants off the coast of Libya within 48 hours. sawan Sawan: Aqeela Saleh represents geography more than a chairman of parliament. Sawan: It was the Skhirat Agreement that gave continuity to political life in Libya. Sawan: Joining the political track does not mean that Haftar is finished. Sawan: The 5 + 5 proposal is outdated and worthless after the defeat of Haftar. Sawan: The government formation must be approved and supported. Sawan: The political settlement guarantees must be within it. Sawan: the signing of 5+5 agreement is an important step. Sawan: The victor in the battle is the homeland. Sawan: We are ready to take a step backward. Sawan: We congratulate the army for their victories Sawan: We have to pressure the government. Sawan: We hope that the outcomes of the dialogue will have the solution for the Libyan crisis. Sawan: We support peaceful demonstrations. Sawan: We welcome the Arab League statement Sawan: We welcome the new executive authority. Sawan: We welcome what the participants in the Tunis dialogue. Sawan affirms the Justice and Construction Party's keenness to deepen friendly ties with the Turkish Justice Party. Sawan appreciates the desire of the “Ya Biladi” movement to participate in the dialogue. Sawan meets with the Spanish Deputy Ambassador. Sawan praises the positive atmosphere that prevailed in the oath session. Sawan stresses the importance of holding presidential elections through direct elections. Sawan surprised at trying to welcome a new envoy instead of "Williams". Sawan to Italian “La Repubblica”: We support the elections. Sawan urges the UN mission to play its role and not wait for the current bodies. Sayala: The European Union’s stance on the memorandum of understanding seems rational. Sayala: We will communicate with Greece and Malta. Sayala welcomes the Gulf reconciliation. Sayyala: Deputies will submit a recommendation to the Presidential Council to sever ties with the Emirates. Sayyala: The legitimate Government of National Accord has the right to conclude agreements sayyala agreement not an infringement of sovereignty Sayyala to "Oglu" and "Bagdanov" SC Schenker: American efforts to reform the United Nations mission in Libya. schinas School Schools continue as long as the epidemiological situation is stable. SCS Sea-Watch Sea Eye Second phase Secretary General Secret meetings between Haftar and Saddam with Israeli officials. security Security Arrangements security council Security Council: Banning the illegal export of oil until July 2022. Security Council: Friday votes on a resolution urging all foreign forces and mercenaries to leave Libya. Security Council demands an immediate cessation of hostilities Security Developments Security Directorates Security Situation Seguin Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi Senegal Senior Haftar militia leaders are criminally implicated in mass graves in Tarhuna. Senoussi Al-Basikri Sergei Shoihu sergewa Sergey Lavrov Sergio Mattarella settlement Several decisions of Al-Sarraj for years have not yet seen the light. Sewage Crisis sexual violence Seychelles Sfax Shahatt Shallouf: The political track arranged by Salama before he resigned may fail. Sharara Shaybi Shell Ship Shooting at the demonstrators in Al-Marj. Shooting Federation Shukri and Lavrov emphasize the peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis. shura council Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries Shut down Shuwairf Shuwehdi siala Siala: Aqila is only a member of Parliament. Siala: Today we are stronger and we seek a democratic state. Siala: We seek to restore trade exchange with Tunisia. Siala demands the resumption of oil exports. Siala discusses with "Bogdanov" the developments Siala discusses with "Bogdanov" ways to settle the Libyan crisis. Siala discusses with Chaouchoglu the liberation of the Alwittia. Siala receives the papers of the new Turkish ambassador. Siala the perpetrators of the Mizda massacre will be brought to justice. Sicily sidebar Sidra SierraLeone Signing agreements and memoranda of understanding between Libya and Turkey. Signing the final version of the mechanism for selecting the sovereign positions. Signs of the companies returning. Simonov sinai Sirte sirte celebrates the 3rd anniversary of liberation Sisi sisi calls for political action in Libya Sit Ins Six years for the Libyan parliament ... failure is the title of the stage. skateboarding skhirat SKy Italia SkyNews slave slave trade Slovakian “Jan Kubis” as the UN envoy to Libya. smuggling SocGen Sochi SolidarityBridge Somalia Son Sonatrach Sorman SOS Soula Souq Ajumah condemns the bombing of the "Almalaha" Sources reveal that the 5 + 5 committee has agreed with the UN mission. south South Africa South African strain of Coronavirus may immunize infected people against other strains. southern libya South Kordofan South Korea SouthKorea South of Tripoli sowan Spain Spanish Humanitarian Group Spanish newspaper: Military cooperation between Libya and Turkey. Speech SpiderMan Sports sputnik stability STACO starting from April 19. starting from Sunday. State Civility State Departement State Department statement Statement of the demonstrators against corruption in Misurata. Statements stefani appointment as un envoy in libya Stephane Le FOll Stephanie Williams Stolenberg stop exporting mercineries stopping oil threatens Libya with bankruptcy. Streit Streit Group stresses the importance of holding the elections on time. stretched Strong Foundation Study Sudan Sudan asks the UAE to return its sons it recruited to fight from Libya. Suluq Summary of the Cairo Peaceful Initiative. summit Sunday support supported externally Supreme Authority Supreme Commander of the Army and the commanders of the military zones. Supreme Commission Supreme Council Supreme Council. HOR supreme council of state Supreme Council of State: We welcome the Geneva results. Supreme Council of State considers the statement of the EU countries and the US regarding interference in the country's affairs. supreme council of state welcomes reaching a mechanisim. Supreme Council of the State calls on the Parliament to abide by the text of Article 15. Supreme State Supreme State Council: The French President’s “irresponsible” statements. Sushma Swaraj Suspension Suwehli Suweihli switzerland Syria Taboun: Arming the tribes in Libya will make it a new Somalia. Taboun and Williams discuss developments in Libya. Tabu Taher Al-Senni Tajoura Tajura Takala Tamanhant Targeting food and drug stores and hospitals targeting of civilians by the collapsed militias of Haftar targeting the port of Tripoli is a cowardly act targeting the shelters for the displaced people is a war crime. Tarhouna Tarhouna holds the first funeral prayer for the first victim identified. Tarhuna Tarhuna: Organizing an open display of the belongings of the victims of the mass graves. Tarhuna Victims Association: The government has clearly ignored the mass graves file. Tariffs Tataouine Tawergha Tazirbu Team Tebboune: Algeria is working to end the war in Libya. Tebboune returns for treatment in Germany. Technip technology Template: Classic with Sidebar Template: Classic with Sidebar Left Template: Grid Template: Grid with Sidebar Template: Large Grid Template: Large Grid with 2 Sidebars Template: List with Sidebar Template: Masonry Template: Small Grid Template: Small List Template: Stream Template: Stream with Sidebar Template: Zigzag terrorism Terrorist Terrorist Attack Terrorist explosion rocks the city of Azawia days after the arrest of the pilot that seeks to obstruct the dialogue. The "5 + 5" agreements to open roads and resume flights. The "Evil Alliance" statement is a typical example of their hypocrisy The "Istishari" for studies The "Peace Storm" on the outskirts of Tarhuna. The "Tebu Congress" calls on Libyans on the anniversary of independence to support reconciliation. The "Washington Post" describes Hifter as a "war Lord" the 5 + 5 committee will set a timetable for evacuating the mercenaries. The 9th Brigade withdraws from the halls of "Ouagadougou". The absence of security and law in Benghazi. The African Union calls for a complete and effective ceasefire. The African Union calls for speedy formation of the executive authority. The aggression against Tripoli dashed the hopes of the Libyans The aggression is entering its second year The Agreement The Air Force carried out 4 strikes south of Sirte and killed 5 fighters of the Haftar militias.. the Air Force destroy 6 "Pantsir" systems for Haftar. The Algerian Foreign Minister visits Tripoli. the Alkani militia is blacklisted for human rights violators. The Amazeigh Council of Libya condemns the bombing of the Military College. The American "Huffington Post" website: Trump wants to sell weapons to the "dictator" of the UAE. The American ambassador: Two thousand Russian mercenaries are in Libya. The American Electoral College Confirms Biden Winning the Presidency. the American embassy appreciates the work of the security teams. The American embassy in Tripoli welcomes the resumption of export of Libyan oil. The American Libyan Alliance: Haftar does not have any immunity. The appointment of a new envoy to Libya will not affect the course of the dialogue. The approach of reducing the members of the GNA is back again. The Arab League ignores Palestine’s request to hold an emergency summit. The army advances on the ground and the mission announces the resumption of talks. The army controls new locations in Ain Zara The army declares the central and western regions military zones The army forces are reinforcing their positions in Tarhuna The army forces dealt with an attack by Hifter militias The army forces launch an attack Haftar militias The army forces receive modern artillery training. The army forces shot down 3 "Sukhoi" jet fighters The army inflicted losses on Hifter militias The army liberated 6 cities The army repels an attack by Hifter militias in Alwishka The army resumes its operations in Tarhuna The army thwarted an infiltration the arrest of saboteurs supported by the UAE and Egypt to destabilize Libya. the arrival of the dialogue members to Geneva. The Assad regime sends regular shipments of the Captagon drug to Benghazi. The assembly of Libyan clerics and religious scientists The balance has changed in favor of the GNA and all our activities are recognized by the United Nations. The bombing of Tripoli is a provocative act The Bosnian Embassy provides its services from Tripoli The British "Guardian": Bashagha is trusted to take over the next government. The British "Karim Khan" is a new Chief prosecutor for the ICC. The cemetery committee. the Central Bank's manipulation of documentary credits. The Central Bank: more than two billion dinars the changes that will affect the world because of corona. The closure of 43 mosques in France since Macron took office. the coastal road is still closed The Cold The commander of Operation Irini will travel to Libya soon. The commanders of the Volcano of Anger operation requesting to be involved in the political dialogue. The Constitution The consulate in Sfax housed more than 800 citizens. The consultative meeting ... a request for the Tunis Dialogue to expedite reaching a consensus. The continued displacement of families in the area as a result of the shelling. The continued presence of Haftar's mercenaries in Sirte is an obstacle to the opening of the coastal road. The continued recruitment of "Darfur" youths to fight with Haftar. The contradiction of Russian stance and statements. The Corona Advisory Committee discusses the provision of vaccines. The Corona Advisory Committee recommends several new measures. The corpses of the father of “The child Walid” and one of his uncles were identified. The criminal court called on the German Public Prosecutor to investigate Abdulrahim Al-Kani. The date for the opening of the coastal road will be determined soon. the day of protest in Benghazi. The defeats of Haftar and his militias at the hands of the Libyan army The delegation of international criminal court is in Tarhuna for the second time. The dignitaries of the western region agree to file suits. The discovery of a new mutation of the Coronavirus in Angola which is more dangerous. The Dutch ambassador expresses his satisfaction at the security stability in Tripoli The duties of the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army between Haftar’s practice and the silence of the Presidential council. The Economic Working Group has agreed to finance the urgent expenditures. The Economist: Hifter is backed by the UAE and does not want peace. The Economist: Libya Will Be Among The Top Ten Fastest Growing Countries. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We will work with the new UN envoy. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry welcomes the agreement on the referendum. The Egyptian policy towards the Libyan file is changing. the Emirates The Emirates provided an Israeli air defense system to Haftar. The Emirates supplied Hifter The Emir of Qatar assures Almanifi his country's support for the political track in Libya. The end of any transitional period without resorting to a constitution. The EU: We are ready to push with full force towards a political solution in Libya. The Europeans are annoyed with the Turkish-Russian role The European Union: We are ready to support the implementation of the ceasefire. The European Union approves a recommendation to allow those immunized from Corona to enter Europe. The European Union calls for an immediate investigation into the mass graves in Tarhuna. the European Union calls for the protection of press freedom in Libya. The European Union confirms its full and unlimited support for the National Oil Corporation. The European Union denies providing marine equipment to the Libyan Coast Guard. The European Union extends Operation "Irini". The European Union imposes sanctions on Alwerfalli. The European Union launches a three-year anti-corruption in Libya. The European Union Mission in Libya. The European Union mission returns to work from its headquarters in Tripoli. The European Union must take an effective stance against Haftar. The European Union stresses the need for foreign fighters and mercenaries to leave Libya. The European Union supports criminal investigations. The European Union supports the Commission to complete the electoral process. The European Union welcomes the signing of the ceasefire agreement. The explosions at the Air Force College were caused by fire The fall of a warplane and the killing of its pilot during Haftar "military" parade. The fate of the Geneva dialogue between the pulling of the Tripoli deputies The Fezan Commission regrets the obstruction of oil production and exporting it. The Fezzan Authority calls for the respect of the sovereignty of the Libyan state. The Fezzan Authority calls for the speedy formation of the executive authority. The Fezzan Authority welcomes the ceasefire agreement. The Fezzan Commission calls on “Dbaiba” for fair distribution of the budget. The final round of the constitutional track begins in Hurghada. The first shipment of Libyan oil will be exported Thursday. The first Syrian mercenary was killed. The fleeing of the "Wagner" and the militias of Haftar. The Foreign Committee in the US Congressional submitted a draft sanctions to punish Haftar. The Foreign Law Cases Department has succeeded in lifting the freezing of 113 million euros of Libyan funds in Italy. The French Embassy welcomes the signing of the ceasefire. The German Ambassador welcomes international auditing. The global economy needs 5 years to recover from corona. The GNA and AFRICOM meeting produces several messages and positive results. The GNA decided to reduce the staff working abroad. the GNA forces thwarted Hifter attack The GNA is the legitimate representative The GNA is the most important political player in Libya. The GNA military command is discussing with the AFRICOM command. The GNA must act diplomatically the GNA recommended continuing to grant Palestinians the right to residency The GNA will extend its control over the entire Libyan soil. The government shares Haftar's support for Egypt in the "Al Nahdha" Dam" crisis. The government should file legal suits against countries supporting haftar The Guardian: Biden’s primary mission is to restore what has been damaged by Trump. The Guardian: The UAE continues to send weapons to Libya. The Guetrich Report confirms the involvement of Hifter and his supporters in committing war crimes The Gulf reconciliation and its reflections on the Libyan file. The Hajj season ends without any infections of Corona. The High Commission sends electoral equipment to Sebha and Benghazi. The hostile states are looking for a foothold in the south. The House of Representatives agrees on the formation of a dialogue team to represent it The House of Representatives discusses with the Chief of Staff the security agreement with Turkey The House of Representatives reaffirm the words of Sanallah. The House of Representatives welcomes the Turkish and Russian ceasefire initiative. The Human Rights Council recommends prosecuting the perpetrators of violations in Libya. The Independent: Egypt “in the corner” because of Al Nahda Dam. The Independent reveals how European businessmen laughed at Haftar. The institutional division has exhausted the citizen. The Interior Ministry arrests senior officials on suspicion of corruption in the West. The international community’s contrasting stances on the Libyan crisis The International Follow-up Committee in Libya stresses the need to remove mercenaries. The International Follow-up Committee on Libya welcomes the progress of political progress. The Investment Authority appoints the firm The isolation center in Misurata: The situation is dangerous and threatens a disaster. The Italian authorities seized a drug shipment coming to Benghazi from Syria. The Italian Foreign Minister visits Tripoli next Tuesday in his first official mission. The Italian MPs announce their country's contribution to supporting the elections. The Joint Military Committee meets in Sirte. The killing of a "retired officer" after being kidnapped in Benghazi. The Kremlin: the Russian army is not involved in any operations in Libya. the kremlin deny supporting Hiftir The largest in more than 75 years ... $ 6 trillion is the US budget for 2022. the legal committee agreed on the constitutional basis for the elections. the legal committee for the dialogue discusses the elections. The Legal Committee has agreed on a constitutional base. The Legal Committee holds a meeting in Tunis to set the constitutional basis for the elections. The liberation of Alwittia is a strong blow to Haftar The liberation operation of the Alwittia air base was coordinated. The Libyan-Turkish Friendship Center for Physiotherapy. The Libyan Air Force destroys a warehouse and military vehicles for Hifter in Alwittia. The Libyan army besiege the Tripoli airport. The Libyan army forces kill 25 members of the Hifter militias The Libyan Coast Guard returned 370 migrants to Libya. The Libyan embassy in Italy embarks on a plan to return the Libyans stranded there. The Libyan Government The Libyan Investment Authority: We lost $ 4.1 billion as a result of the restrictions imposed. The list of countries invited to the Berlin Conference The Maltese customs confiscated 612 kg of the drug “cocaine” on its way to Libya. The maritime agreement granted Libya 39 thousand kilometers of water. The mass graves between a British condemnation The mass graves in Tarhuna are terrible. The Mauritanian Foreign Minister is the most prominent candidate. The Mayers and dignitaries of the western and central regions affirm their support The meeting of the leaders of the volcano ... Haftar media fueled the situation. the ministry issues a statement describing turkish forces as "mercenaries". The Ministry of Defense: We will hit with an iron fist all those who violate the values ​​of the civil state. The Ministry of Education sets strict precautionary measures for high school exams. The Ministry of Interior arrests a person wanted for corruption. The Ministry of Interior confirms its readiness to protect h.o.r The Ministry of Interior is facing a conspiracy The Ministry of Interior pledges to prosecute the perpetrators of the mass grave crimes. The Ministry of Interior signs a memorandum of understanding with “Al-Madar” and “Lamma” companies. the Ministry of Justice deplores the crimes of Haftar. The Ministry of Justice formes a committee to reveal the identities of the bodies. The Ministry of Oil: The Memorandum of Understanding with Turkey will be signed next week. The Ministry of Transportation assesses the damages of the Tripoli International Airport. The mission announces the establishment of the advisory committee for the Dialogue Forum. The mission condemns the killing of Al-Barasi. The mission did not mention the name Ageela Saleh. the mission is brandishing sanctions against those obstructing the dialogue. The mission is concerned about stopping oil production. The mission stipulates that the dialogue team should not assume any senior positions. The mission welcomes the appointment of three investigators. The Moroccan Dialogue and Haftar’s Mobilization Which of them will prevail. The municipal Council the mutated South African strain of Coronavirus was discovered in Libya. The national center for disease control. The National Human Rights Committeel condemns the targeting of unarmed civilians in Azawiya by Hifter aircraft. The National Oil Company warns against tampering with revenues. The National Oil Corporation: a military battleship in the port of Ras Lanuf. The National Oil Corporation: We have not received any revenue. The National Oil Corporation welcomes the statements of Al-Sarraj and Aqeela. The National Project Assembly supports the Misurata " state of mobilization" The Netherlands TheNetherlands The Netherlands propose to use satellites to uncover mass graves in Libya. The New York Times: Haftar failed to capture Tripoli The New York Times describes Hifter as a "militia leader The noose is tightening on “Al Kaniyat”. the number of civilians increases daily the number of corona cases rise worldwide The oil shutdown indicates a dark future for the Libya The organization of the "IRINI" operation is still going on. The Pakistani PM calls for an Islamic boycott campaign. The parallel government corruption The Parallel interior Minister acknowledges the deteriorating security situation in Benghazi. The partial lifting of force majeure is an inappropriate step. The participants in the Forum for Political Dialogue have a large degree of consensus. The people of Sirte complain of poor living conditions. The Political Dialogue Forum fails to agree on the constitutional base. The presence of a representative of Hifter at the Libyan Economic Dialogue The Presidential Council The Presidential Council: There are no Syrian fighters in Libya. The Presidential Council continues to disregard Haftar’s actions. The Presidential Council declare a state of emergency The presidential Council establishment of a new body obstructs the dialogues and reforms. The Presidential Council forms a technical committee to identify the bodies. The Presidential Council is hinting at refraining from dialogue The Prince of Qatar assures Asarraj of their readiness to support the GNA The process of clearing mines and remnants of war in Sirte. The purpose of the Berlin conference is broader than the Moscow conference There are air bases in our lands run by foreign countries The recent bombing of Tripoli was not random. The reconciliation government decides an increase of 20% for the salaries. The Red Crescent The Red Crescent: Among the bodies The representatives of Tobruk abandon the legitimacy they gave to Haftar The response for targeting civilians will be forthcoming The results of the “5 + 5” agreements are emerging on the ground. The return of Syrian mercenaries to their country The return of trade movement in the south of Tunisia. The return of Tunisian Airlines flights to Libyan airports is postponed. The return of Turkish companies is the main focus of the meeting. there will be no stability in Libya. the rise infected cases of is due to non-compliance with the curfew The Russian Foreign Ministry confirms the presence of instigators disrupting the cease-fire. The Russian Foreign Ministry welcomes the launch of the Libyan Dialogue Forum in Tunis. The Russian presence NATO is concerned The Search and Identification Authority announces the discovery of 4 new graves. The search Authority confirms the arrival of operational materials for DNA analysis. The second victim of the "Wagner" mines within a week. The security chamber protecting the coastal road The Security Council calls for its implementation. The Security Council calls on the Libyan authorities to clarify the constitutional base for elections. The Security Council holds a session on Monday to discuss the reports of the expert teams on Libya. The Security Council rejected Belgium's request. The Security Council stresses the need for the mercenaries to leave. The Security Council threatens to impose sanctions on those who target the security and stability of Libya. The Security Council welcomes the elections of the executive authority. The seizure of a large drug shipment in Egypt The series of attacks on women in Benghazi extends to the supporters of Haftar. The shock of Alwittia blew the mind of Almismari away. the solution in Libya the start of maintenance for Tripoli International Stadium. The State The stranding of the Panamanian ship in the Suez Canal. The strategy of integrating fighters in the Interior Ministry has been frozen. the Supreme Commander of the Army bans the military from traveling. The Supreme Council of State calls for reducing the number of the GNA. The Supreme Council of State discusses with the 5 + 5 committee the latest developments. The supreme Council of state is beginning to mature politically. The Supreme Council of State suspends participation in the Geneva dialogue The Supreme Council of State urges the GNA to end battle The supreme Council of state will not participate in Geneva The Supreme Council of the State and the representatives of Tobruk confirm their responsibility. The Supreme Council of the State calls on the Presidential council. The Supreme Elections Commission confirms its readiness. The Supreme State Council calls on the GNA to raise the level of military coordination The Supreme State Council supports the outcomes of the political dialogue sessions. The Syrian interim government denies sending any Free Syrian Army fighters to Libya. The third anniversary of the liberation of Sirte from ISIS ... figures and stations. the total deficit. The tragedy of mines continues ... and a clear negligence by the government. The Tripoli Commission and the Fezzan Commission welcome the dialogue sponsored by the UN Mission. The Tunisian ambassador to Germany is surprised by the exclusion of his country The Tunisian president visits Libya tomorrow The Turkish Central Bank signs a memorandum of cooperation with the Central Bank of Libya. The Turkish presidency calls for the extension of the tasks of its forces in Libya. The Turkish removing and dismantling team continues to dismantle booby traps. The Turkish warning intersects with an Egyptian The UAE is causing the dinar to collapse in Libya. The UAE operates flights to support French forces on the African coast. The UAE stops issuing visas to citizens of 13 countries The UAE supported Hifter with More than 6 thousand tons of military equipments The UN delegation commends Shakshak and declares coordination with the Bureau. The UN envoy: The continued presence of mercenaries increases their number. The United Nations: Corona numbers in Libya are increasing. The United Nations: The decision to send Egyptian forces to Libya is worrying. The United Nations announces the success of the solar energy project in Yemen. The United Nations is pinning its hopes on Berlin for a solution in Libya. The United Nations reduces its role in Libya with loose statements The United Nations warns of the consequences of insulting religions. The United Nations welcomes Abozniqa understandings. The United States: We support holding the elections. The United States and Italy affirm their support for the elections in Libya. The United States awaits the first debate between Trump and Biden. The United States calls for a demilitarized solution in Sirte and Al Jufra. The United States calls for the immediate withdrawal of foreign forces from Libya. The United States files an indictment against the Libyan "Abo Aqila Masoud". The United States insists on ensuring fair elections in December 2021. The United States receives $ 335 million in compensation from Sudan. The United States renews its support for the elections and warns of war again. The United States will continue to press until the withdrawal of all foreign mercenaries from Libya. The UN mission: Any political process that does not seek to enhance human rights will be doomed to failure. The UN Mission: Choosing the new executive authority from the 1st to 5th of February. The UN mission: Congratulates the Libyans on the 69th anniversary of Independence Day. The UN mission: The resumption of the comprehensive Libyan talks early next November. The UN mission: “5 + 5” agrees to open roads and resume inter-city flights. The UN mission and the African Union agree to help the Libyans to hold elections next December. The UN mission in Libya congratulates the people of Misurata. The UN mission in Libya welcomes the exchange of prisoners. The UN mission renews their support for holding the elections on the specified date. The UN mission welcomes the appointment of five women judges in Libyan courts. The UN officially Registers the Libyan-Turkish Agreement. The UN Security Council extends the arms embargo on Libya for another year. The UN welcomes the granting of confidence to the government. The US ambassador: Payment of salaries is important The US and German foreign ministers are worried about the participation of mercenaries in the fighting in Libya. The US Embassy: The export of oil must be resumed immediately. The US House of Representatives approves the "Libya Stability Act". The US State Department: We will work on a political solution with the "GNA". The US State Department announces the imminent opening of its embassy in Tripoli. The US State Department appreciates the role of "Stephanie". The US State Department report confirms that Haftar's militias have committed human rights violations. The US State Department welcomes the granting of confidence to the new government. The US targets a network working to strengthen Russian influence in Libya The virus can be controlled in most European countries by the end of the summer. The visit of the Egyptian delegation to Tripoli. The voluntary return to their country of 2 The Wall Street Journal: Washington may impose sanctions on Haftar. the war scales turned in favor of the GNA The Washington Post: Wagner booby traps a “fatal legacy” in Tripoli homes. The work return gradually in the port of Beirut after the explosion. The World Bank: Africa needs $ 12 billion to provide Corona vaccines. The World Bank: Failure to achieve political stability in Libya is detrimental. The World Health Organization is looking to review Russian vaccine. the world should not continue to find a solution with hafter The “Sahban” affiliated oil facilities guard causes the transfer of the Corona virus. The “Turkish Prosecutor” submits a new indictment against 6 Saudis. Thierry Pilenko thieve This is all that remains for Haftar after his defeat in the Western Region. Thomas Waldhauser Those wanted locally and internationally from Haftar's militia. TIKA Tillerson to bring Haftar and the Dbaiba government together. Tobruk Tobruk deputies ignore Serqiwa and demand that Asaraj and Sayyala are brought to the jutice Tobruk Parliament in response to Haftar: We condemn calls for war between Libyans. To consolidate relations ... Libyan businessmen will visit Cairo next February. torture and fabricated courts in the Eastern Province. Total to the Wright-Patterson base. traficking Transference transportation Transport Ministry condemns the targeting of Maitiqa airport Travel Tribalism Tribes Triipoli Tripoli Tripoli Deputies reject agreements that may return Haftar to the political scene. Tripoli Libya Tripoli people between the hammer of Hifter militias TripoliSubway Troops Deployment truce Trump Trump announces that the UAE and Israel have reached a "historic" agreement to normalize relations. Trump praises drugs from "Regeneron" and "Eli Lilly and Co." Trump wants to postpone the elections. Tuareg Tuareg Tribe Tuniisia Tunis Tunis: Agreement on the executive authority selection mechanism is a positive step. Tunis: The atmosphere for the Libyan political dialogue was positive. Tunisia Tunisia and the United States agree on libya Tunisia announces the results of the investigations. Tunisia calls for a Security Council session due to the events of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Tunisia extends the state of emergency in the country for an additional 6 months. Tunisia imposes a complete lockdown for a week Tunisia is awaiting the receipt of other batches from the isis children Tunisia is calling with "Guterres" to send international observers to Libya. Tunisian Tunisian Airlines is ready to resume its flights to Libya on April 27th. Tunisian efforts for a major contribution to the reconstruction of Libya. Tunisia opens investigation into attempted poisoning of President"Isaaid". Turin Turkey Turkey: France supported an attempt to overthrow the reconciliation government. Turkey: Haftar and his supporters must be stopped. Turkey: Haftar is no longer trustworthy in Europe and America. Turkey: The closure of the shipping lane of the Suez Canal demonstrated the logistical importance of Libya. Turkey: The two Memorandums of understanding with Libya do not pose a threat to others. Turkey: We call on the European Union to give up its bias to haftar. Turkey: We continue to train the Libyan army forces. Turkey: We welcome the election of the new government. Turkey and Russia agree to establish a working group. Turkey begins assembling the anti-landmines armored "Tiger". Turkey begins seismic surveys to explore in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey continues to train the Libyan army on defending the military bases. Turkey continues training 1 Turkey delegate to UN: Security council must protect Palestinian civilians. Turkey Haftar does not want a political solution. Turkey imposes new precautionary measures to confront Corona. Turkey is preparing for an air operation Turkey is preparing for a similar agreement with Egypt to reinforce the memorandum. Turkey launches a new satellite called "Turksat 5A". Turkey records the highest death toll from Corona since the start of the pandemic. Turkey sends medical aid to Libya. Turkey supports the political process and the stability of Libya. Turkey Targeting our interests in Libya has dire consequences. turkey we will not allow de facto policy Turkish Turkish Defense: The important thing now in Libya is to bring about peace and calm. turkish embassy call for an immediate ceasefire Turkish Energy Minister: Turkish companies are installing a power station in Tripoli. Turkish Foreign Minister: The military cooperation agreement with Libya will enter into force Turkish Foreign Ministry: Granting confidence to the new government is an important opportunity. Turkish Foreign Ministry: Morocco has constructive stances in resolving the Libyan crisis. Turkish Foreign Ministry: We welcome the dialogue between the Libyan parties. Turkish mediation between the GNA and Moscow. Turkish national security Council confirms the continued support of the Libyan government. Turkish newspaper: UAE sells Libyan oil and sends weapons to Haftar Turkish presidency: Egypt Turkish presidency: The Berlin conference makes no sense if Hifter continues his attacks on Tripoli. Turkish presidency: We have the ability to crush the illegitimate front in Libya. Turkish presidency: We hope to end the era of conflict in Libya. Turkish steps in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean are compatible Turkish Vice President: We may not send troops to Libya if Haftar withdraws Tuscany Tuwareq Twitter Twitter and Facebook are taking measures on the publications of US presidential candidates two people were arrested in connection with money stolen from central bank in Benghazi. Two people were wounded and another was kidnapped in Sirte. two weeks since asarraj declared state of emergency Two years after the aggression ... Haftar was broken militarily and politically. U.S. UAE uae channel Alaan reveals russian involvement in Libya UAE companies are embroiled in the shipment of aircraft fuel to Haftar. UAFA Ubari Uganda UGTT Uk ukraine UN UN : Attacks on civilian and health targets in Libya are a flagrant violation UN: The issuance of a Security Council resolution will bring peace to Libya. UN agreement UN and EU Stress that the elections will be held on time. un calls for end to escalation UNCHR Undersecretary of Transportation UNDP UN efforts to monitor the ceasefire and push for the formation of a national unity government. UN Envoy UN experts report: 3 Emirati companies were involved in the attempt to kill Libyan leaders. UNHCR UNHRC UNICEF UNICEF: More than 4 million people face shortage of water. UNICEF condemns the killing of a child as a result of a mine explosion. UNICEF provides 82 tons of aid to women and children in Libya. unidef offering help to health ministry Unidentified Bodies Unification unified Unifying the military establishment and holding elections. unis united arab emira United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United Nations United Nations: Russia has strengthened its support for the Wagner. United Nations: The first dialogue meetings were successful. United Nations: The UAE has violated the arms embargo on Libya. United Nations: We document all breaches of the ceasefire agreement. United Nations reports are evidence of the extent of external interference in Libya. United Nations Security Council united nations signing of memorandums a sovereign right United Nations Support Mission in Libya United Natoins United States United States Mission United States of America Unity Government Universities University Employees Union University Hospital of Tripoli denies registering any "Corona" infection. Unlawful Killings UNMIS UN Mission UN Mission: The recent rulings of the Benghazi and Al-Bayda courts violate international and humanitarian law. UN mission: We have documented 106 civilians killed and 252 injured. UN mission The arrest of travelers from the east in Tripoli UN Plan UN report: More than 9000 immigrants left Libya within five months. UN report Blackwater company in breaching the arms embargo on Libya to support Haftar. UN report reveals the involvement of British mercenaries in supporting Haftar. UN Sanctions UNSCR UN Security Council UNSMIL UN Special Envoy UN to appoint a new UN envoy to Libya. Update Uqba Ibn Nafaa urkish Defense Minister: We have a team for military training and consulting in Libya US US-Turkish agreement on the need for a formal ceasefire. USA usa and libyan delegations meet to discus security issuess US Africa Command US Air Strike US Air Strikes US Ambassador usa send navy forces to the west of libya USA wants security council to include al kani militias in the sanction list. US Defense Intelligence: The Government of National Accord defeated Haftar. us delegation meets with Hiftir US intelligence recruited Hifter US intelligence warns of the situation getting out of control in Libya and the outbreak of a new war. US intend to end Russian presence in Libya. USMIL US moves towards Libya… Did the Libyan delegation visit pay off? US officials confirm support for a peaceful solution in Sirte and Aljufra. US Our goal is to hold free and fair elections without foreign interference in Libya. US Secretary Of State us senate memebers adopt resolution on Libya US Senator: The Dbaiba government must adhere to the deadlines for the elections. US State Department: Russia supplies Haftar with advanced weaponry. US State Department: We support the political process in Libya. US support for Haftar previously caused the current messy situation. us warning to Hiftir US We will impose sanctions on those who deal with Russian Wagner mercenaries. vaccination with the Chinese vaccine will start next week in all municipalities. Vaccines VAMED Vatican Victims Video Vienna Viktor Orban violations in Benghazi are on the rise. Visa Visa Exemption Vladimir Putin Vnukovo Volcano volcano of anger office statement Waddan Wagner deployed S-300 air defense system in Ras Lanuf. wagner use prohibted weapons in salah adin axis Walid Giahmi Walking Pneumonia Wang Qimin War war crime War Crimes Warnings against the transfer of Corona Warshefana warshfana Warships Washington Washington affirms its great diplomatic support to expel the mercenaries. Washington affirms that "Caesar" sanctions will continue on Al Assad regime. Washington calls on all foreign parties to respect the ceasefire agreement. Washington DC Washington intends to deploy a military brigade in Tunisia. Washington is taking concrete measures against spoilers in Libya. Washington Post washington post report Washington reaffirms the necessity of holding the elections on time. Washington will transfer the Pantsir system was not expected. watch and response network requests people to stay home. water water Water Suply Wazzin weak GNA led widespread coruption weapons We believe in democracy and reject extremist ideology. WebMed We confirmed to Guterres suspending our participation in Geneva Wedding We destroyed a convoy of 10 Haftar militias vehicles Wednesday. We may launch a military operation in the west We opened the door for donations due to the absence of the government We provided official reports and statistics Werchfana We removed 170 mines and 30 cluster bombs. Werfalla Werfalla Tribes confirm their refusal to bet on Libyan sovereignty. Werfealla Tribes wershafana Wershfana West western We targeted an ammunition depot and a gathering of Hifter We welcome the cease-fire initiative. we will demand the severing of relations with countries supporting the aggression. What is the Presidential Council is waiting for? what is the reason? What Shalgam said about Bouzid Dorda? What should political bodies do after haftar coup. Where will the parliament session be held to grant confidence. White House WHO who are the most prominent candidates for the post of prime minister? Who is "Joe Biden" who tried to enter the White House since 1987? WHO It is difficult to trace people of contacts due to the increase in new cases. Why did Al-Sarraj give dialogue committee until end of October. Why did the Athney and Almesmari remember the Geneva Convention with the images of the captive piolt Why does Egypt seek to create a parallel track. Why does Hifter insist on sending his bombs to the safe citizens? Why do the members of Parliament rush to meet now? Why is Hifter getting closer to the internationally isolated Assad regime? Why is Hifter trying to obstruct the efforts to combat corona Why is Saudi Arabia funding Russian "Wagner" mercenaries William Bodde Williams: 70 flights to supply Haftar in less than a month. Williams: Accountability and restoration of rights must be the first criterion. Williams: Getting to election requires a new executive authority. Williams: meeting of the Central Bank will discuss the unification of the exchange rate. Williams: The aim of the talks is to create a unified executive authority. Williams: The Biden administration has a sincere desire to help Libya. Williams: The election date is December 24 2021. Williams: The international community must impose sanctions on those obstructing the dialogue. Williams: The Military Committee “5 + 5 agreed that the mercenaries would leave Libya within 90 days. Williams: The mission will provide a practical solution. Williams: The new government must come under the umbrella of the Political Dialogue Forum. Williams: The participants in the "Berlin" conference called for an inclusive political process. Williams: There is positive progress in the political track of dialogue. Williams: Washington will support the Libyan elections in December. Williams: We passed the reports on bribes at the Dialogue Forum to the UN Panel of Experts. Williams: We will not allow the political class and status quo forces to obstruct dialogue. Williams: “An end to the stalemate is around the corner in Libya. Williams agrees with Aboul Gheit to build on the statements of Al-Sarraj and Aqeela. Williams A new hope is emerging and a historic opportunity for a solution in Libya. Williams communicated with Aqeela. Williams in her briefing: Haftar Militias bombed hospitals. Williams responds to Al-Mismari. will make the Libyans happy. will stefani succeed where slama failed Will the Corona vaccine repair what has been messed up by the Presidential Council. Will the countries supporting Haftar abandon him after the successive victories of the Libyan army. Will the states supporting Haftar abandon him. will we see an influential Algerian role in Libya? Wintershall With Alluring salaries ... the UAE has recruited Yemenis to fight with Haftar. With provocative statements .. Macron attacks Islam. With the continued Russian support for Haftar with weapons and mercenaries. Wolfram Lacher Women's rights Workers union at the Azawia oil complex demand the prosecution workshop World Bank World Health World Health Organization World Health Organization: 10 countries got 95% of Corona doses. World Health Organization : The idea of ​​herd immunity to confront Corona is unethical. World Health Organization: The mutated Corona virus in India is causing global concern. World health Organization: The world can control the Coronavirus in the coming months. World Health Organization calls on the countries of the world to stop selling live wild animals in the market. World Health Organization describes removing Corona restrictions completely as a "disaster". Wydad Xmen Yefren Yemen Yesterday Gargash called for a ceasefire in Libya yousef jalalah youth Youth and Sports Authority Za Za'tari Zambia Zaqiya Zawia Zawiya Zawyia zeid raad Zelten Zintan Zintan adheres to legitimacy and describes him as a rebel Zionist official: Bahrain will soon sign a "peace agreement" with us. Zliten Zorro Zueitina Zuwara Zuwarah Zuwiya Zwara Zwitina Çavuşoğlu: A new phase in relations will begin between Turkey and Egypt. Çavuşoğlu: Our legitimate support should not be confused with foreign terrorist mercenaries. Çavuşoğlu: Our presence in Libya is legal. Çavuşoğlu from Saudi Arabia… Turkey is seeking to issue a resolution from UN. çavuşoğlu: We started diplomatic contact with Egypt without conditions. “5 + 5”: insist that the aggressor withdraws to before April 4 “5 + 5” confirms the end of the arrangements for opening the coastal road. “Akar” Turkey provides support to the government in Libya. “Al-Tabakli” confirms that a session of the representatives will be held in Tripoli. “Libyan crime Watch”: A protester was killed and 7 others were wounded in Sirte. “Peace Storm” achieves military victories

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