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Gunmen target Al-Jalaa hospital in Benghazi using “RPGs”

On Friday, Al-Jalaa Hospital for surgery and accidents in Benghazi announced that an armed group targeted the hospital using RPGs and started shooting inside the hospital corridors. The hospital stated that some of its departments were damaged including intensive care, radiology, and information services. They added that the shells released …

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Airstrike Hits Oasis Town in Libya Killing 8 Civilians

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff) On Tuesday, an airstrike hit an oasis town near Houn in central Libya killing eight civilians, among them women and children, said a doctor and an eyewitness. No one has been able to link the war plane that launched the airstrikes to a specific group. …

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Italy Needs Three Weeks To Setup Field Hospitals In Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff) Plans to set up a field hospital in Libya to take care of injured soldiers coming in from the battle against ISIS in Sirte could be implemented in three weeks, said Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti. Pinotti said the hospital, which was requested by the …

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Citizens of Misrata Call on GNA to Complete Hospital Renovations

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff) On Friday, citizens from Misrata, Libya’s third largest city, gathered for a demonstration calling for the Libyan unity Government in Tripoli (GNA) to follow through with the needed renovations for the Misrata Hospital. The demonstrators said they were demonstrating to save their city’s hospital, which …

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