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Tripoli… Signing The Cease-Fire Agreement

The High Council of Reconciliation, on Monday, signed a cease-fire agreement in the south of the capital, between the Tripoli’s Protection Force and the 7th Brigade, under the patronage of a delegation from the Social Council of Werfalla tribes. The agreement, which will be signed later by the Elders of …

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Walking Pneumonia, The Kindest Hurtful Lung Infection

Walking Pneumonia It sounds like it could be the name of a sci-fi horror flick. But it’s actually the least scary kind of pneumonia. It can be milder than the other types, and you usually don’t have to stay in the hospital. You could have walking pneumonia and not even …

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The Justice And Construction Party Condemns The Attack on The Foreign Ministry’s Headquarters And Calls For The Implementation Of Security Arrangements

The Justice and Construction Party, on Tuesday, condemned the terrorist attack on the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters in Tripoli yesterday’s morning. In a statement, the party renewed its “firm” position and rejection of such terrorist acts, calling on Al-Wefaq government to implement security arrangements “effectively” and support the state apparatus and …

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Lavrov: Russia Supports Italy’s Initiative on Libya

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia supports Italy’s initiative on Libya. In a press interview with the Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Melanesi, Sergey stressed that all Libyan parties should be involved in initiating a dialogue and a national reconciliation, for international support for one party is not a …

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