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Taboun: Arming the tribes in Libya will make it a new Somalia.

Algerian President Abdelmajid Taboun warned of the efforts that appeared in the last 24 hours to arm the Libyan tribes, stressing that this will turn Libya into a new Somalia.

Taboun said, in a press interview with the local media at the Algerian presidential headquarters, on Sunday, that his country is in constant contact with the parties of the Libyan crisis and outside it and insist on the necessity of giving priority to the political solution, and that they are in constant contact with Russia, France, Egypt and Turkey, calling on the various parties to leave the Libyan people Determine their destiny.

Taboun confirmed that they refuse to support any unilateral decision and put them under the status quo, adding that there are international parties saying what they are not doing in the Libyan matter, and that there is a Libyan tendency towards an Algerian-Tunisian solution in Libya.

It is reported that a number of those claiming to represent the Libyan tribes and sheikhs have submitted an “authorization” to Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi for direct military intervention in Libya.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi said, last Thursday, that he was ready to arm the Libyan tribes to form a unified Libyan army.

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