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Taboun and Williams discuss developments in Libya.

On Monday, Algerian President Abdelmajid Taboun discussed with the Acting Head of the UN Mission in Libya, Stephanie Williams, the developments of the crisis in Libya.

“Williams” commended Algeria’s role in communicating with all Libyan parties to urge an end to the violence, appreciating the support it provided to accelerate the resumption of the Libyan-led political process under the auspices of the UN mission.

“Williams” called for an immediate cease-fire in light of the JMC 5 + 5 talks in order to protect civilians in danger zones ,and put an end to the flagrant violation of the arms embargo imposed on Libya by the United Nations.

It is worth noting that the Algerian President Abdelmajid Taboun warned, on Sunday, against the recent efforts to arm the Libyan tribes, stressing that this will turn Libya into a new Somalia.

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