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Suspicious military movements of Haftar’s mercenaries in Sirte … and the army forces monitor and announce readiness.

Since the launch of his military project, the leader of Alkarama Militias has not been bound by any agreement or commitment, and all violations and abuses have been recorded against him, and even bypassed the higher authorities, who promoted, installed and took care of him.

Despite the attempts to heal the rift and stop the bloodshed of the Libyans that came in the two ceasefire statements from the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the Speaker of the Tobruk Parliament, Aqeela Saleh, and the international calls to end the conflict, Haftar is still trying to impose the reality of the war in Sirte, and mobilize the mercenaries who have shed the blood of the Libyans.

Convoys of mercenaries

Libyan army spokesman Colonel Pilot Mohamed Gnunu confirmed that the army forces monitored armed convoys that arrived from the eastern region to the city of Hoon and gathered them in three schools in the city, and that those convoys are a mixture of Janjaweed mercenaries, Wagner gangs, Syrians and Yemenis on board 112 armed vehicles.

Gnunu added, in his statement , that Haftar’s militias are gathering hundreds of Chadian mercenaries and the Sudanese Janjaweed in a training camp in the city of Zallah, and that they have monitored the arrival of 70 armed vehicles and ammunition trucks for the Janjaweed mercenaries to the city of Sirte during the last last hours.

Gnunu added that the instructions were issued by the Operations Command to all their ground and air units to fully prepare, and to keep their hands on the trigger. To deal and respond to sources of fire.

Alkarama Militias and its affiliated Wagner groups, tried a few days ago and in the early morning hours of last Thursday, to target the Volcano of Anger forces with more than 12 grad missiles, according to a statement by the Sirte Al-Jufra Operations Room, which is a clear breach of the ceasefire agreement announced on Friday, August 21. .

For his part, the spokesman for the Sirte Liberation Operations Room, Abdulhadi Drah, stated that 3 grad vehicles had entered the Bohadi area and were completely surrounded by the Janjaweed mercenaries of Haftar’s militias.

Drah confirmed, in press statements, that the reason for the siege of the Bohadi area is the demand of the Qadadfa tribe that inhabits it to withdraw its sons from the fighting in the ranks of Haftar’s militia, explaining that the region is in a state of tension , and that Haftar fears that the situation will get out of his control, according to him.

With Haftar’s moves, the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, Fayez Al-Sarraj, responded that this behavior by the Dignity Militia is not strange, and that it has violated many agreements with us on more than one occasion, and our response comes in a military command for the army forces not to be complacent, as the enemy has no credibility.

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