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Summary of the Cairo Peaceful Initiative: declaring war on Libya and arming tribes.

Yesterday’s speech by Egyptian President Abdefattah Alsisi in front of a military crowd from the Egyptian army met with a strong official and popular condemnation, as Alsisi announced his intention to intervene in Libya and to train and arm militias; For the purpose of rebelling against the legitimate authority of the Libyan state represented by the GNA.

After revealing the real objectives of Alsisi’s support for Haftar’s militias from 2014 until his aggression against Tripoli in 2019 and until this moment, the real reason for all of this was revealed yesterday, which is the direct military intervention in Libya, and the acquisition of its wealth and capabilities

Haftar’s defeat hurt Alsisi

Shortly after the militia of Haftar fled and retreated more than 500 km towards Benghazi after trying to control the capital, Tripoli, which lasted for more than a year since April 2019, and with the GNA announcing its intention to extend its control over the entire Libyan territory as the legitimate government recognized by the Security Council.

Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi announced during his speech in front of a military group of his forces that any direct interference in the Libyan affairs has acquired international legitimacy, and that any progress of the army in the east represents a threat to Egypt’s interests, and its western borders, and its national security, specifying the cities of Sirte and Aljufra as a red line, as if he was talking about Egyptian cities .

Abandoning Haftar

And as the UAE did in abandoning Haftar by what the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash tweeted that Haftar had taken unilateral measures that led to his loss, here is Alsisi, too, abandoning Haftar and his militia, ignoring his mention in his speech unlike what he was doing in the past.

Alsisi explained that any intervention of his army would be with the blessing of those who described as the only legitimate elected authority in Libya, which is the House of Representatives, referring to Aqeela Saleh, who had previously called for Egyptian intervention openly from under the dome of the Egyptian parliament.

Sisters of aggression

Just as the UAE participated primarily in supporting the militias of Haftar and financing its aggression against Tripoli as well as Saudi Arabia through its funding of the Wagner’s mercenaries and its blessing of the invasion of Tripoli … These two countries, in addition to Bahrain, were quick to support what Sisi said after declaring war on Libya, as the Saudi Foreign Ministry stated that the Kingdom stands by Egypt’s side in its right to defend its borders and people, while the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the same in a statement.

Cairo Declaration was born dead

While the GNA rejected what was known as the Cairo Declaration, as well as Turkey, a staunch ally of the GNA, and the major powers did not pay any attention to it, reminding always of the outputs of the Berlin Conference, and the United Nations peace plan in Libya.

Al-Sisi renewed the talk about the Cairo Declaration initiative – and said that it came in line with international resolutions and the Berlin Conference, and demanded an immediate ceasefire on the lines which the parties are present at the moment, Alsisi welcomed Haftar twice at the Federal Palace in Cairo at the start of the aggression against Tripoli in April of last year which is a clear sign of his support for this aggression in the first place.

Demographic change

Recalling what Khalifa Haftar previously said in his meeting with some of the tribal elders in the Eastern Province, he intends to attract 10 million people; In order to contribute to the reconstruction and prosperity of Libya, as he put it.

Al-Sisi clarified the content of Haftar’s previous speech. He said in his speech, “We want to arm and train the tribesmen, whether they are in Egypt or in the eastern region, referring to the Egyptian tribes of Western Sahara who are known in Libya as the“ Sad Shinn ”who demand to be considered Libyan citizens.

Al-Sisi added that when the time comes, he will order his forces to advance towards the Libyan borders and support and the “tribal elders,” indicating his hope that the Libyan people will move, and demand the Egyptian intervention so that this is a signal to the world.

However, the GNA is still insisting on progressing to Sirte and Al-Jufra as a preliminary stage and clearing it of Haftar militias and mercenaries occupying these cities and planting mines in them. In preparation for the major battle for the oil crescent, the source of livelihood for the Libyans and number one greed for Alsisi.

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