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Sowan says folding the Tawergha file affirms that wartime is over

The head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sowan said on Monday, the closure of the Tawergha file and the announcement of the return of its people to their homes in the presence of large numbers of representatives from all the cities of Libya, affirms that the time of conflict and war is over.

On his Facebook page, Sowan said the situation in Libya is ready to fold all the painful pages, and that the opportunity is available for official action by government agencies to control, nurture and institutionalize these efforts to ensure their success and continuity.

He stressed that there is an opportunity for the official bodies to end the political crisis across the country, blessing the reconciliation between Misurata and Tawergha.


The two dialogue committees between Misurata and Tawergha signed a peace pact between the two cities on Sunday ending the Tawergha displacement crisis, which lasted nearly seven years.

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