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South Korea embassy to resume work from Tripoli

The Charge d’Affaires of the South Korean Embassy announced during a meeting, in Tripoli, with the head of the General Department of Diplomatic Security, Colonel Wissam bin Jaber the reopening of the embassy in the capital during the coming period.

The Interior Ministry said on its official website on Wednesday, that the Korean embassy’s charge d’affaires presented a proposal to train the diplomatic security police in the field of “personnel protection” in South Korea.

The ministry added that the General Directorate of Diplomatic Security took over the protection of the embassy building during the past years, noting that the Charge d’Affaires offered condolences to the security personnel who died under duty, while protecting the embassy during 2014.


Most embassies of foreign countries in Libya have been closed for more than three years, and most embassies operate from Tunisia.

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