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Solving the citizen’s crises and pledging to hold elections on time … the most prominent pledges made by the candidates for the post of prime minister at the Dialogue Forum in Geneva.

The activities of the Political Dialogue Forum held in Geneva are still being held; For the purpose of selecting the new executive authority in Libya, which consists of the President of the Presidential Council and two deputies, in addition to a Prime Minister.

While the candidates for the Presidential Council failed to obtain 70% of the votes of any electoral assembly in which they were elected, which means moving to the second stage, which is candidacy on the basis of the lists, the hearings of the candidates for the position of Prime Minister were launched, to present their electoral programs, where the pledge to hold elections and resolve the many crises that the street in Libya is experiencing was the most prominent of what the candidates addressed during their successive speeches.


The candidate for prime minister, Ahmed Maiteiq, has pledged to work on the national reconciliation file with the new Presidential Council. To facilitate the holding of elections as well as to work on combating corruption with the state security bodies and other current institutions.
During his presentation before the Dialogue Forum, Maiteiq confirmed the provision of the Corona vaccine so that half of the Libyans would be vaccinated within 6 months, indicating that he would work to separate the powers and that the powers of the new government would be different from the powers of the reconciliation government.

Jamal Abo Qrain

In the same context, the candidate for prime minister, Jamal Abo Qrain, said that he had run for the position of prime minister due to his accumulated experience in the field of elections, and pledged to work to inject new blood.
Abo Qrain made it clear during the presentation of his program for the Dialogue Forum that the Ministry of Culture should have a great role to educate citizens about the culture of elections, adding that the past, being full of violations is one of the causes of instability and therefore the political and popular will must unite to achieve transitional justice.

Osama Essid

On the other hand, the candidate for prime minister, Osama Essid, said that he had a work program designed within four years under the name “Hope, Security and Peace” and that it would work to provide job opportunities for young people in the health and agricultural sectors.
During his presentation at the Dialogue Forum, Essid pledged to eliminate centralization to enhance confidence with citizens, pointing to the need for realistic security arrangements, and to reconsider the security beliefs, and this calls for the establishment of a code of honor that includes everyone, he said.

Iman Alkishir

As for the candidate for the post of prime minister, Iman Al-Kishir, she affirmed her commitment to preparing for the elections, as well as interest in the health and education sector during the next phase.
Al-Kishir, while presenting its electoral program to the Dialogue Forum, pledged to support local government councils, address the problem of centralization, and work to educate the Libyan people through various means to participate in the elections.

Al-Haramain Mohammed Al-Haramain

On the other hand, the candidate for prime minister, Al-Haramain Mohammed Al-Haramain, affirmed support for the work of the 5 + 5 committee and securing all parts of the country, considering that securing borders is a priority and one of the ways to absorb and reintegrate armed groups.
Al-Haramain, and through his presentation at the Political dialogue Forum to present his program, pledged not to allow speculation in the prices of basic commodities needed by the Libyan citizen, indicating that he would work to take record of prisoners and detainees and improve prison conditions.

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