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Six years for the Libyan parliament … failure is the title of the stage.

Failure is still a close companion of the Libyan Parliament during the past 6 years, even after strenuous attempts to gather the shattered parliament, the last of which was in Ghadames.

The council failed again to elect a unified presidency and amend the internal regulations organizing its work due to disagreements among its members that hindered the start of today’s session, postponing the session to the 21st of this month.

Political agreement

The beginning of the failure was in July 2017, when the House of Representatives meeting in Tobruk decided during an official session to cancel its approval of the political agreement concluded in Skhirat, after what it had approved it in January 2016, which confused the work of the reconciliation government, which is entrusted with running the citizen’s affairs.

Referendum on the constitution

The council also did that in the referendum law on the draft constitution, as it approved in September 2018 the referendum law, but by adding an amendment to Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration and dividing the country into 3 districts by adding a requirement to obtain 50% +1 of the votes for each constituency and two-thirds of the voters for the entire country and fortifying it Constitutionally.

This was rejected by the Supreme State Council, considering that the representatives did not agree with the state Council on that, which contradicts the political agreement, and caused the impediment of the referendum on the constitution to this moment.

Central Bank Governor

The House of Representatives also failed to appoint a governor for the Central Bank instead of the current governor, Siddiq al-Kabeer, so even when Mohammed al-Shukri was elected governor in December 2017, it did not consult with the Supreme Council of State, which nullified the procedure as stipulated in the political agreement in Article 15.

Stop the war

Since its election in 2014, the Tobruk Parliament has failed to stop the fuse of the crises with wars raging in various parts of the country. Part of the deputies supported the aggression against Tripoli in 2019, while the bulk rejected it, and the deputies ended up divided between 3 currents, a part in Tobruk and a part in Tripoli And part outside the country.

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