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Sisi calls for political movement in Libya .. is he certain that Hifter failed militarily?

Egyptian President Abdelfattah Elsisi called on Wednesday for political action, announcing that his country would act immediately for a speedy solution to the crisis in Libya.

Alsisi’s statements came during a speech at a conference for peace and sustainable development in the Egyptian city of Aswan, he considered his country as a country affected by what is happening in Libya, indicating that a solution in Libya would contribute to the stability of the entire region, forgetting that his country was a cause of worsening the situation in it by supporting Hifter, who assaulted the legitimacy represented by the GNA, which Egypt recognizes ans deals with it, and welcomes its president and delegations.

Egypt, which was and still supports Hifter in his aggression against the capital, Tripoli, the support that was represented in supplying it with weapons, military equipment and military expertise.

Alsisi did not reveal during his speech the form of the political solution announced by him or the date, but he stressed that the solution in Libya will be peaceful and final, as he put it, and did not clarify whether his country is preparing for an initiative or solution it sees or will present.

Asisi, during his speech in the presence of a number of African presidents, including heads of state neighboring Libya, Chad and Niger, said that the African Union has the initiative to silence guns, which aims to eliminate all conflicts and disputes in the continent by the year 2020 by preparing clear implementation frameworks that address the roots of conflicts.

Observers believe that these statements in the Egyptian president’s speech indicate an Egyptian insistence on the necessity of a peaceful solution in Libya.

Al-Sisi’s statements were in harmony with the US Secretary of State, Mark Pompeo, in which he said on Wednesday that the vision of the United States is clear in Libya, which is to bring the parties to the dialogue table, and that there is agreement with the Russian side on this.

Also, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed earlier that Russia and the United States are cooperating on Libya, explaining that we have a common interest with the United States in conducting a close dialogue on the Libyan settlement.

These statements come at a time when Haftar rejects the political solution and insists on military decisiveness, the last of which is the threat of his spokesman Almesmari, that there is no room for talk except through rifles, and that there is no room for a political solution to end the war, as was followed by a statement by one of the naval leaders of Hifter that he would sink any Turkish battleship in The Mediterranean, despite the difference in strength between Turkey and Hifter’s forces.

Observers of the Libyan case believe that these fiery statements made by Hifter are nothing but empty antics to cover up their defeat on the walls of Tripoli, which was understood by his regional allies, most recently Egypt, through the statement of its president today, which calls for the necessity of political action.

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