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Sharaf al-Din: Egypt’s call for Tripoli parliament means recognition

Member of the Supreme Council of State Najat Sharaf al-Din said on Wednesday that the Egyptian request to meet and hold a session of the House of Representatives there means Cairo’s recognition of the House of Representatives held in Tripoli, and that the parliament of Tobruk has become paralyzed.

Sharaf-Addin said in a statement to ARRAED that the holding of any parliament for his meetings outside the borders of his country is strange, he has regulations governing his work and he can hold his meetings anywhere in Libya according to the list, noting that the request to convene the Council outside the country is an infringement on the power of the Libyan state.

Sharaf-Addin added that this initiative is to create a new body for dialogue and negotiation, which guarantees a counter-revolution project and a clear recognition that Egypt has the Libyan leadership, wondering if this invitation was sent to another country like Turkey.

Sharaf-Addin stressed that the Supreme Council of the State will not be a conflict in Libya, and will not excuse any foreign intervention in it, and will stop the war on behalf of others in the country, and to not deepen the wounds of the conflict to secure a solution for the Libyans.” It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives held in Tripoli decided on Monday, not to accept the invitation of Egypt to some of the deputies joining the Council for a consultative session; the ambiguity of the objectives and agenda of the session, and Egypt’s position biased to the attack on the capital.

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