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Shallouf: The political track arranged by Salama before he resigned may fail.

Member of Parliament Hanan Shallouf said on Tuesday that the country now has several options following the resignation of the UN envoy Ghassan Salama, it is either the end of Salama’s political track with failure, or a return to the military option until a new envoy comes with a new political plan.

Shallouf, in a statement to the Arraed, attributed the failure of the Salama political track to the inability to commit countries to the Berlin outputs, and the failure of the 5 + 5 negotiations, especially since the three military, political and economic tracks are inseparable and not simultaneous, any failure of one will necessarily lead to the failure of the plan he prepared to impose stability.

Shallouf confirmed that there is no doubt that Salama has been in the same path since his appointment, which is the inclusive conference through which the outputs made by the Humanitarian Dialogue commissioned by the mission are passed and the understandings with Hifter and the parties opposite him in Paris and Abu Dhabi and change the reality but Salama has not changed in essence, only its shape.

It is worth noting that the UN envoy to Libya submitted on Monday, a request to the United Nations Secretary-General to exempt him from his post as an envoy to the Libyan file, which he had assumed since 2017.

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