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Serious government steps to build the military and security institutions.

The GNA has been seeking for some time to conclude serious agreements to build security and military institutions. The government recently signed several security and military memoranda of understanding with countries to provide advisory and logistical support and train the army and security forces.

The countries with which the government has signed have a good reputation in building military capabilities, and for the strength of its army, and their military experience for training, they are Turkey, Qatar, Malta, Italy, and the American military leadership in Africa “AFRICOM”. These steps are considered positive by the state to build the state and prevent outlaws and armed groups from infiltrating and controlling the country.


In February last year, the President of the GNA, Fayez Al-Sarraj, asked the Commander of the American Military Command in Africa “AFRICOM” “Wald Hauser” to prepare a field training program for Libyan military units with the help of trainers from “AFRICOM” and that cooperation between them is not limited to that only, but rather to combat Terrorism support, capacity building and training.

The meetings between AFRICOM and the government continued. In less than three months, Al-Sarraj met again with “Stephen Townsend”, who was appointed after “Hauser” to coordinate in combating terrorist remnants and military and security developments to achieve stability.

Triangular cooperation and support

On August 6, the Government of National Accord signed a triangular agreement to enhance joint cooperation with Malta and Turkey , the agreement contains points, including strengthening the southern borders of Libya and supporting the capabilities of the Libyan Coast Guard by providing the necessary needs and equipment.

In the same context, the Government of National Accord announced triangular cooperation with Turkey and Qatar to raise the capabilities of military institutions, support the country in building military institutions, and send Qatari advisers and military personnel to Libya to train Libyan personnel and provide places for Libya in Turkish and Qatari military colleges.

The latest standards

Yesterday, a delegation of the American Jones Foundation for Security and Military Consulting arrived in the capital, Tripoli, to meet with the President of the Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the latter stressed to the Foundation the need to build and develop the Libyan military and security capabilities, in accordance with the latest international standards.

Al-Sarraj developed a common vision for capacity-building programs to face various challenges and risks and defeat terrorist and extremist organizations, indicating to them a set of directions and measures that include seeking the expertise of international institutions such as theirs.

Italian support

For its part, Italy provided Libya with support in training the Libyan Coast Guard to combat illegal immigration, and several other fields, the last of which was training Libyan military engineering personnel on methods of dismantling and removing mines that Haftar’s militias planted south of the capital, Tripoli, after they were expelled from it by the Libyan army.

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