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Sayala demands in his meeting with “Guterres” a meeting of the Security Council next September

Foreign Minister Mohamed Sayyala called for a meeting of the Security Council during the UN General Assembly in late September on the situation in Libya.

Sayyala’s request came during a meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Tokyo, where they discussed the role of the United Nations and the UN Mission in Libya to restore stability and stop the aggression on Tripoli. Guterres stressed the need for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya, and that there is no military solution in the country, expressing concern about the outbreak of civil war.

In a related context, Sayala agreed with the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, “Musa Faki”, in another meeting to coordinate the holding of upcoming meetings to discuss a solution to stop the aggression on Tripoli, and return to the political path aborted by the aggression Hafter.

Also discussed in the Japanese capital with the Secretary-General of the Arab Maghreb Union, Tayeb Bakouche work to hold a meeting of foreign ministers of member states; to discuss a number of issues of concern to his country in the current circumstances experienced by a number of countries of the Union.

It is noteworthy that Sayala stressed Friday, that the demand for an unconditional ceasefire, is an equality between the aggressor seeks to restore the country to the rule of the individual and the family and the aggressor seeks to establish a civil state of law and institutions and peaceful rotation of power.

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