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Sawan: The political settlement guarantees must be within it through a separate government headed by a strong leadership.

The head of the Justice and Constructing Party, Mohamed Sawan, said on Friday that the political settlement must have guarantees within it, which is a government separate from the Presidential Council and headed by a strong leadership that faces the military rebellion if it thinks about returning, and the presidential Council is from the other party, and by this we form a balance and guarantee the ability to confront Any military coup that may happen.

Sawan revealed that there are personalities and bodies that acted when the opportunity for a real settlement arose, even if it was weak, to thwart it, explaining that some of them have fears, perhaps real, and the others have narrow personal interests in keeping the situation as it is now, and others are competitors and realize that their chances are not sufficient, and thus their interest has become that to hinder any settlement.

Sawan asserted that the party’s goal in participating in the dialogue is ultimately to reach new elections, which must be preceded by preparing the climate for their conduct in terms of security, social, political and institutions that can reach satisfactory results and do not reflect the now divided reality, explaining that if elections are held Under existing conditions, you will produce a divided body from day one.

Sawan explained that the approach proposed by the party is to form a strong government headed by a person who has the ability to confront the military coup and guarantees that the war scenario not being repeated, a bold person who has the ability to make decisions and monopolizes the power to implement the law, pointing out that the party demanded that this government be made up of The party that had been attacked, who would face the military rebellion.

It is worth noting that the United Nations Acting Envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams announced, on Sunday, the conclusion of the Libyan talks in Tunis, with the participation of 75 members of the Dialogue Committee.

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