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Sawan surprised at trying to welcome a new envoy instead of “Williams”.

The head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sawan, on Monday considered the attempt to welcome a new UN envoy in Libya and end the role of “Stephanie Williams” after she was close to completing the final stage of the dialogue, as surprising and questionable.

Sawan stressed – on his official page – that these attempts may undermine the entire settlement path and return us to the zero point, especially after the efforts of the Libyan dialogue team – as he said -.

Sawan added that reaching a settlement that would get Libya out of its crisis and guarantee the security and stability of the region has become an urgent necessity, pointing out that the international community must shoulder its responsibilities towards it.

Sawan renewed his support for any option or list reached by the members of the Dialogue Forum, paving the way for presidential and parliamentary elections at the end of this year.

It is worth noting that several international media reported on Friday that the UN Security Council had approved the appointment of the Slovakian diplomat “Jan Kubis” as the new UN envoy to Libya.

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