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Salame: There Is A Group In Eastern Libya Seeking To Disrupt The Elections

The UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame, on Wednesday, said that there is a group in eastern Libya seeking to disrupt the elections.

In a television interview on Al-Jazeera channel, Salame stared that he would return to the Security Council to report on anyone trying to stop and obstruct Libyans in holding their elections, pointing out that there is no division in the Security Council on Libya.

Salameh added that 83% of Libyans want elections, and the political class does not want them, stressing that the whole forum will discuss these matters, in addition to the election law and organization.

Upon the interference in Libya, Salame revealed the interference of ten countries in the political affairs in Libya without mentioning one of them, pointing out that the sanctions committee in the Security Council monitors these countries and know them well.

On the National Forum, Salame added that the forum will be a general summary of the extensive consultations with all Libyans.

The special envoy of the Secretary-General to Libya Ghassan Salame, revealed before, the date of the establishment of the Forum, which will discuss many issues, especially the elections, mid-April next in Ghadames.

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