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Salame: I am In Libya As A UN Envoy, Not A Lebanese Citizen

The United Nations envoy for Libya, Ghassan Salame, on Monday, confirmed that he is in Libya as the representative of the UN Secretary-General, not as a Lebanese citizen.

In a statement to the news agency “LANA” news agency, Salame said that it is the duty of the League of Arab States to invite all member states to any summit, and that the host country should improve and benefit all the present delegations to the summit.

Salame added that the Lebanese also have the right to know the fate of “Musa Al-Sader,” pointing out that a memorandum of understanding will be signed between Libya and Lebanon on this problem in the upcoming period.

Salame expressed his regret over Libya’s decision not to participate in the summit, stressing its understanding of its position, and expressed the hope that this issue will be officially addressed away from any complications.

On Sunday, members of the Lebanese “Amal” movement took down the flag of Libya from the vicinity of the headquarters of the Arab summit. They rejected the participation of the Libyan delegation in the Arab Economic Summit, which is to be held in Beirut for the next two days.

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