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Salama welcomes international calls for a ceasefire.

Ghassan Salama, the UN envoy to Libya, welcomed international calls and international and regional organizations for a ceasefire, the latest was the invitation of the Turkish and Russian presidents.

In a statement, Wednesday, Salama called on all international and local parties to respond to these calls and make initiatives to stop military operations in all parts of Libya, in order to spare the Libyans blood and suffering.

He appealed to the international community, in particular, to the countries concerned with Libyan affairs to take advantage of the current momentum to push forward towards the path of the Berlin Conference in order to reach an international consensus for the Libyan crisis in order to find an international cover to support and protect the three tracks launched by the UN mission, which is limited to Libyans, aimed at addressing the economic, financial, military, security and political crisis.

It is worth noting that Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed, on Wednesday, on a cease-fire in Libya on January 12.

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