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Salama: I say to the countries that interfere in Libya, “Lift your hands off her.”

The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salama, called on the intervening countries in Libya to lift their hands off and stop sending mercenaries who arrive in hundreds to Libya, he said.

Salama added, in a press conference held on Monday, that the attack on the Military College triggered an escalation of the aerial bombardment, and may have been carried out by “a state that supports Hifter”.

Salama stressed that the United Nations is determined to find a way out of the current crisis, and that it has launched a three-track process to bring the two sides together, the first track is concerned with addressing the economic and financial situation, the second with military and security issues, and the third track with political dialogue.

The report of the experts of the Security Council on Libya revealed the use of mercenaries by Hifter “Janjaweed” and Sudanese opposition movements, while international newspapers revealed that he also used the Russian “Wagner” mercenaries.

It is worth noting that the Security Council held, on Monday, a closed consultations session, in which it addressed the situation in Libya.

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