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Salama Explains the Circumstances of What Happened on the Cargo Ship “Niven”

The head of the United Nations mission to Libya, Ghassan Salama, said that the situation on the Turkish cargo ship “Niven” was not normal and choosing between those who want to get off and who wants to go to Europe was inevitable after the Mission and the security had made sure that there wasn’t a unified opinion among the migrants themselves.

Salama said in a video conference with France 24, on Thursday, that the mission, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, had persuaded a group of Egyptian immigrants to go to Europe to not use violence against the group that welcomed the arrival in Misurata.

Salameh explained that the tense situation created by the migrants on the ship made the security forces intervene with rubber bullets.

Salama noted that Libya is witnessing a significant decline in the number of immigrants to it, noting that the reason for this is the low pressure on Libya, which made the figures of the flow of migrants through Libya dramatically less than described.

Ghassan Salama called for the Europeans’ to be more comprehensive towards the migrants, pointing out that many Europeans care only about those 34,000 migrants in the housing units, without talking about those the 740,000 illegal migrants in the detention centers.

The Turkish ship “Niven” at the request of the Libyan Coast Guard, has rescued 96 migrants from the drowning, but the migrants held for more than ten days in order to migrate to Europe and not get off to Libya.

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