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“Russian Railways” demands compensation to complete projects in Libya

Russia’s state-owned Railways Company first Deputy General Director, Alexander Misharin said the company is considering the possibility of resuming construction work on the railway between Sirte and Benghazi.

The company’s representative at the investment forum in Sochi, Russia, said on Friday the negotiations to resume work in Libya did not stop, and we are “considering the possibility of its renewal, but on condition that we compensate the expenses that we incurred.”

Misharin added that the company did not eliminate the Libyan railway project from its executive plans, noting that the return to work requires adjustment of the agreement on the basis of mutual benefit, pointing out that they are waiting for proposals from the Libyan side on the agreement.


Work on the 2.2-billion-euro high-speed railway between Sirte and Benghazi has been halted, because of the February 17 revolution in 2011.

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