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Russian “Nezavisimaya”: The eastern region protests made Haftar admit his failure.

The Russian newspaper “Nezavisimaya” said, Tuesday, that the protests which began near Haftar’s headquarters in Al-Marj area in Benghazi – made him admit his failure to improve the economic situation in the areas under his control.

The newspaper indicated that the protests erupted in areas under the control of the forces loyal to Haftar a few days ago, after a sharp rise in food prices coincided with new power cuts.

The newspaper indicated that the unrest, according to the writer, forced Haftar to change his tactics, as he had previously stated that the protests were a plot by the Islamists, but he quickly changed his mind, and admitted that the country is facing severe social and economic problems.

The newspaper pointed out, according to an expert with the Russian Council for International Affairs Kirill Simeonov, that “the protests are a natural result of the situation on the fronts of the Libyan civil war, as Haftar was unable to control the capital, Tripoli, and the siege that he imposed on the capital for several months ended in failure, and his defeat led to a structural crisis, on the level of authority in eastern Libya.

It is worth noting that, on Saturday, the protests began in the city of Al-Marj pointing out the deterioration of the living situation and the absence of rights, resulting in the death of at least one person, and the injury of 3 others during clashes between the demonstrators and Haftar’s militias.

Source: Russian newspaper “Nezavisimaya”

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