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Reuters: Russia is providing treatment for Wagner wounded in Libya.

Reuters reported on Wednesday that injured Wagner mercenaries who were injured in their fighting with Hifter Militias are receiving treatment in a hospital in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

The agency said, according to its official website, that there is information stating that the hospital is owned by the insurance company “Ao Sugas”, whose officials have good relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The agency reported, that the mother of a Wagner mercenary said that her son was treated in Sugas Hospital after a serious injury and the treatment was free, and that they did not know who paid the cost of the treatment.

It is worth noting that America directly accused Russia in November last year of trying to exploit the struggle against the will of the Libyan people amid American media reports, such as the “Washington Post”, “The New York Times” and Bloomberg, reporting on the increasing participation of mercenaries of the Russian company “Wagner”, in The fighting south of Tripoli.

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