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Restless in Benghazi at the dominance of Haftar’s militias … Tribes condemn and warn.

The city of Benghazi is still suffering from the influence of Haftar’s militias over it and the absence of security, as the city is witnessing executions and kidnappings, and the militias are violating the sanctities of homes late at night.

Haftar’s militias have recently attacked families, assaulted safe women in their homes, and abused people’s livelihoods, and public and private property. So the tribes came out complaining about this situation, and threatening to escalate against these acts committed by the militias in Benghazi.

Al-Awaqir denounces the loss of security

The Al-Awaqir tribe condemned the lack of safety and security, and the assault on women and families in Benghazi by some groups, described as “darkness bats.”

The tribe said – in a statement – that some parties are intimidating, violating sanctities and assaulting women, entering safe houses, kidnapping and detention outside the framework of the law, as well as the existence of secret prisons inside Benghazi, and the spread of enforced disappearance.

Tribes of Cyrenaica warn

A statement by the Barqa tribes in Benghazi warned collectively of the continued aggression against citizens by dark cars and masked men who did not reveal their identity.

The statement said that those cars that attack citizens with murder, kidnapping and enforced disappearance, as well as public and private property, will be a legitimate target for them to defend themselves.

The statement gave the competent authorities a week to arrest those cars and reveal the person responsible for the abuse cases and search for the fate of the kidnapped people, indicating that no party affiliated with Haftar’s militias has the right to summon or arrest any civilian citizens, and that this can only be done by the police, whether Internal security or forensic search authority.

Support for the Al-Awaqir statement

In response to the statement issued by the Al-Awaqir tribe, a number of people and notables from the city of Al-Marj supported the statement issued by the Al-Awaqir tribe last Thursday, denouncing the assassinations witnessed by Benghazi, attacks on women, storming of homes and violation of honor.

The notables of Al-Marj affirmed their support for comprehensive national reconciliation, and called for work on the return of the displaced and the release of all prisoners except for those who were proven to be involved with ISIS who had blood on their hands, denouncing the tragic situation that the city of Benghazi has slid into and the violations committed by the legitimate militias in the city which include assassinations and beating of women, the break-in and violation of the honor which did not stop, and the city still pays the price every day.

The notables of the city said that what happened to “Ahmed Al-Kawafi” and Sheikh “Braik Al-Lawtti” and others, and the storming of homes indicates that these terrorist acts have one source and are in the same manner and administration, pointing out that they strongly support the statement issued by the Al-Awaqir tribe.

Demanding to reveal secret prisons in Cyrenaica

Notables from the eastern region demanded, at their meeting point in the Al-Abyar area, to reveal the secret prisons in Cyrenaica, and the fate of the kidnapped, headed by Representative Siham Serqiwa, and to punish the kidnappers.

He called on the dignitaries not to allow any military vehicle that does not have a slogan, and whose subordination is unknown, and to remove the battalions and military formations from Benghazi, and to hand the Ministry of Interior securing the city of Benghazi.

In their statement, the notables also called for national reconciliation with full force, support for the return of the internally displaced, and the release of detainees who were not proven guilty.

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