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Research reports confirm Haftar received support from Israel to fight the GNA.

TRT Arabic channel quoted numerous research and media reports that Haftar has received support from Israel against the GNA, and is trying to hide this for fear of public opinion in the Libyan street.

The channel added that Israel seeks to keep its relationship with Haftar under wraps, in order not to embarrass him in front of Arab and Islamic public opinion, especially in front of his supporters in eastern Libya, led by the Salafi “Modakhala” and Arab nationalists, but it has begun to appear on the surface.

The Turkish channel reported that the Hebrew newspaper “Jerusalem Post” confirmed, earlier, that Israeli officers had trained Haftar militias in street wars in the territories under their control during August and September 2019. The UAE had also provided Haftar militias with Israeli missile defense systems to confront the drones. Used by the Libyan army of the legitimate government.

Reports quoted by “TRT” indicated that Haftar sought refuge in Israel in 2015, after talks with Mossad members in Jordan, and revealed that the Israeli Air Force helped Haftar bomb the city of Sirte without specifying the date of this bombing and the target.

It is worth noting that previous reports confirmed that Haftar met several MOSSAD envoys on several occasions in Cairo, and that they assisted his militias in “purchasing night vision equipment and sniper rifles.”

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