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Reinforcements Join Operation Strong Foundation Against ISIS

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj visits an injured soldier in the Hospital in Misrata


The Government of National Accord’s operations room against ISIS forces said that their military campaign received reinforcements on Sunday as Operation Strong Foundation prepares for the next phase in battling against ISIS forces.

“The arrival of reinforcements by land and by air and by sea arrived in the areas of the west and the south of Libya,” the military announced on their Facebook page.

The army also announced that troops were stationed in the west and south in preparation for combat, and on Sunday the military said that as their troops were waiting at the front lines, the military engineering unit was checking the areas of south of Abu Grein for any possible land mines placed by ISIS forces.  

In addition, six airstrikes were carried out by the air force in Al-Baghla to clear the way for ground troops.  

“The Emergency Operations Chamber of the Air Force targeted ISIS positions in Al-Baghla town with six airstrikes in conjunction with Strong Foundation’s operations room in order to pave the way for controlling it,” said a statement on the operation room’s Facebook.


Reinforcements join the military operation against ISIS

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