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Red Cross: Libya’s hospitals need more in light of the war and Corona.

William de Young, the head of the ICRC’s operations in Libya, said Sunday that hospitals in Libya need more support and resources to tackle the challenge of the Coronavirus, noting that they are busy treating war-wounded people, and their ability to receive those with corona remains limited.

De Young, on the website of the International Committee of the Red Cross, added that while specialist doctors are required to combat the spread of corona, they are called back to the front lines for the treatment of those wounded by the war.

“De Young” expressed his concern over the escalation of the fighting despite calls to stop the war, which will cause more residents to be displaced, noting that the number of patients has quadrupled in recent months, mostly due to social centers.

Maria Carolina, deputy head of the ICRC sub-delegation in Tripoli, said, “The displaced people have told us that they have no choice but to go back to their homes near the confrontation line.”

“Carolina” explained that this was due to their fear of transmitting the virus to the homes of their elderly parents or family members.

 It is reported that the International Committee of the Red Cross announced on Sunday that it is working with the authorities to take measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and deal with suspected cases inside prisons.

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