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Readings of observers in Haftar’s announcement of the continued closure of oil, after the Corporation announced the lifting of force majeure.

Day and night is the boundary between the announcement of the National Oil Corporation to lift the state of force majeure on Libyan oil exports, and the announcement by Haftar militias spokesman Almismari, that oil will continue to be closed until all their demands are met.

This small difference in time between the two events made it important to search for the implications and dimensions of Almismari conversation, especially if taking into account the international and regional negotiations that took place to reopen the oil, which was confirmed by the head of the National Oil Corporation Mustafa Sanallah days ago when he stated that the matter depends on the will A foreign country benefiting from the current situation.

External powers

The writer and political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that Almismari’s declaration confirms that the oil’s decision is no longer owned by Haftar but rather in the hands of external powers, and Haftar and the so-called “honorable” tribes are only tools for these powers.

In a statement to Arraed, Al-Kabeer stressed that the condition for opening a new account for depositing the revenues is a mortgage for them with an external administration, and that the request to review the accounts of the Central Bank has already been agreed upon with the mission.

Al-Kabeer added that what we saw from the announcement of Almismari seems to be caving in from the international community to Haftar’s will in order to give him a imaginary victory that relieves the congestion in his areas of influence.

Imaginary victory

For his part, the academic writer at Misurata University, Mohamed Ismail, believes that the conditions mentioned by Almismari may be agreed upon now in the corridors of international negotiations or close to them, and when the final agreement is announced , Haftar will come out to the masses as if he won and achieved what he wanted from the conquest of Tripoli.

Ismail added, in a statement to the Arraed, that there is a second reading of Almismari’s statement yesterday, which is that it indicates escalation and beating the drums of war, but the first reading is more likely, he said.

Blocking the path

The writer and political analyst Ali Abu Zayd believes that Almismari’s announcement confirms that Haftar is still seeking to disrupt the political track, and that getting him out of the scene has become a necessity for the success of the political process.

Abu Zayd added, in a statement to Arraed, that using the oil paper and bargaining with it in this manner indicates that Haftar is ready for the partition scenario, as Abu Zayd believes that keeping up with the Alkarama camp in the issue of distributing oil revenues will not be in the interest of resolving the crisis, but rather will give the conflict another form.

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