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Random decisions taken by the presidential Council in 6 days … How will their results be?

One of the strangest decisions issued by the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, was to suspend the Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashagha, from work and to refer him for investigation, after the latter supported the demonstrations calling for reforms in the country, and the provision of daily requirements for citizens.

Bashagha was suspended from work and the President requested him to be investigated within 72 hours, but we did not see any results of this suspension despite Bashagha’s demand that he be investigated publicly on air, why did the President not investigate him privately or publicly, so what is the benefit of suspending a minister who is doing his work perfectly ?

Similar to Gaddafi

Al-Sarraj issued a decision to spend a grant of 150 dinars for each family member, forgetting that the oil is closed by Haftar’s militias which have contributed to the damage to the Libyan economy, especially since the text of the decision states that the grant to be given from the first day of this year, i.e. before Haftar and his militia shut down oil in January the 17th.

Al-Sarraj excluded several individuals from the decision, such as the son and daughter who are over the age of 18 years, who work and the woman who works as well. When you look into this decision, you find it a very futile and ill-considered decision, as it has no positive results, and the citizen will not benefit from it!

Investigation decision

One of the decisions is to form a committee headed by member of the presidential council Abdelsalam Kajman and membership of Minister of Finance Faraj Boumtari and others. To review and determine how the money given to the Ministry of Health was spent during the years 2019 and 2020.

With this decision, Al-Sarraj tried to silence the anger of the people who demanded accountability from the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Muhammad Al-Haytham, about the very poor health services, and the failed measures taken to confront the Corona virus, which allowed the epidemic to spread significantly and quickly, and despite his formation of this committee, we have not seen any investigations opened, results, or summons for Haytham, or questioning him about the millions given to the Ministry, so what is the benefit of the decision?

Painkillers for youth

Unemployment suffered by young people in Libya for years, and young people were ambitious that, in the era of democracy, many fields would be opened in the country, and companies and others would return, providing opportunities for them to work, but nearly nine years passed since the February 17th revolution, and young people did not see any change despite their demands several times to find solutions for them and employing them …

The work of this committee is to count the number of unemployed youth who meet the conditions for appointment and training in the public sector, and for the committee to present its report before the end of September.

The question remains, why did Al-Sarraj not take this step previously in recent years? Why make the youth group suffer and turn to other destinations in order to obtain their livelihood? And why at this time specifically, after they went out in demonstrations and called for the dismissal of the government!

Sudden assignments

Al-Sarraj assigned Lieutenant General Mohamed Ahmed Al-Haddad as Chief of the General Staff of the Libyan Army and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Salah El-Din Al-Numroush, Minister of Defense, the position that was vacant for a very long time …

So it would have been much better for Alsarraj to assign people to specific positions to develop solutions that target the basic suffering of the citizens, such as electricity, cash, water and others.

2 billion

Al-Sarraj issued a decision to spend an amount of 2 billion Libyan dinars for the municipalities, and for the Ministry of Local Government and the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Local Administration to determine the terms of expenditure, provided that these expenses are covered from the proceeds of the fee imposed on foreign exchange sales and from local revenues, disregarding the fact that oil is closed And the cash is not available, and the citizens suffer from not receiving their salaries on time, so how will this huge money be spent? . What are the consequences of this decision?

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