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Qatar condemns the bombing of Haftar militias on the capital.

On Monday, the Qatari Foreign Ministry condemned the indiscriminate shelling of the neighborhoods of Tripoli, the Maitiqa International Airport and diplomatic headquarters by the militias of Haftar.

The Foreign Ministry added, in a statement, that the militias of Haftar “intentionally attack unarmed civilians and civilian facilities, and bomb diplomatic offices,” explaining that “such irresponsible actions are an indication of the militias’ indifference to the lives of civilians and the blood of Libyans.”

The Qatari Foreign Ministry stressed the necessity for an immediate cessation of the attack on civilian targets and the city of Tripoli, and return to the political track, renewing its call to the international community and actors in the Libyan scene to assume their responsibility and stop the Haftar militias from tampering with the lives of Libyans and prolonging the conflict.

It is worth noting that, on Saturday, the militias of Haftar fired more than 100 rockets on the neighborhoods of the capital, Tripoli and the Maitiqa airport, killing more than 6 civilians and wounding dozens.

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