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Qanunu: The army liberated 6 cities in a carefully prepared precise operation

The Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Mohamed Qanunu, said on Monday that the progress of the Libyan army and its supporting forces, and the liberation of 6 cities and regions on the coastal strip in the Libyan west, were an implementation of a precise operation that was prepared carefully and calmly .

Qanunu added, in a statement to Arraed, that the defeated militias thought that, with their failed attack on Abuqrain yesterday, they would frustrate the plans of our forces, adding that the men were on time, and they succeeded with their Resilienceand and valor to control Sorman, Sabrata, Riqdalin, Al-Assa, Al-Ajilat, and Zilutn.

Qanunu commented on the strategic control of Sorman and Sabrata, saying that the orders were issued to the forces to attack at dawn today, so they began to move until they tightened control over the positions of the invading forces in the two cities amid the cohesion and solidarity of their people, he said.

In his statement to Arraed Qanunu concluded by saying that the Libyan army forces will continue to liberate every inch of our land, stressing that the day of victory is near.

It is worth noting that a lightning attack by the Libyan army forces on Monday, which lasted only for hours, extended its control over the entire western region from Sorman to the city of Zuwara, and chased the militia of Haftar fleeing from these cities.

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