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Qanuno: Al-Mismari is not sincere in his announcement, and their decision is not in their hands.

The Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Pilot “Mohamed Qanunu,” confirmed their lack of credibility or confidence in Al-Mismari’s statements, stressing that the decision is not in their hands in the first place, wondering about which cessation of fighting that Al-Mismari is talking about?

In his speech, Qanunu indicated to Arraed that the GNA welcomed a humanitarian truce, despite its commitment to a ceasefire since last January, adding that Hifter militias took advantage of this move and attacked Ain Zara and targeted the capital’s neighborhoods, describing this as something that cannot be accepted. According to him.

He added that the recent Al-Mismari announcement was preceded by the targeting of Hifter artillery of the old city in the capital, Tripoli, and its historical monuments, in addition to targeting the Bab Bin Ghashir area, which caused the killing of children who were forced to be quarantined in their homes.

Qanunu described Hifter’s response to the international calls for a humanitarian truce, in a miserable maneuver, to catch breaths and rearrange the ranks, and to try again after the last two attacks in Aramlah and Ain Zara which inflicted heavy losses on them, according to him.

The spokesman added that the Wings of the Cham are still landing in Benghazi loaded with weapons, and that the Salloum crossing is still open with Egypt, the country that will be the focus of the Corona epidemic in the world.

He stressed that all danger comes from Hifter, adding that the risk of Hifter to Libya is not equal to any other danger, whether to its security, economy or health recently, and there is no way for Libya except to eliminate him first. According to him.

 It is noteworthy that the so-called spokesman for Hifter, “Ahmed Al-Mismari,” announced earlier that he welcomed the cease-fire, in order to confront the Corona pandemic after a statement by the American embassy in which they asked Hifter to respond to calls to stop the fighting.

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