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Qalin : Turkey refuses to divide Libya politically and geographically.

Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Qalin said on Wednesday that his country categorically rejects the division of Libya politically or geographically, describing this as a catastrophic scenario and the danger that everyone should avoid.

“Qalin explained” in an interview with “CNN”, that Turkey is in Libya at the invitation of the legitimate government, stressing their continued support for the political process in Libya, and that they do not want military tension.

“Qalin said” in response to a question about whether the Turkish military presence in Libya will always be? Saying that Libya is a sovereign country and it is free to conclude all agreements with other countries.

It is worth noting that the Turkish Foreign Minister, “Mawlid Chawishoglu” confirmed, on Tuesday, that the only solution in Libya is the political solution, adding that everyone who chooses the military solution is defeated.

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