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Qalan, “We are working to stabilize Libya, and we no longer trust Haftar.

Turkish presidential spokesman, Ibrahim Qalan, stressed on Saturday the need for NATO to play a unified role in Libya, and that his country is working towards achieving peace and stability in it.

Qalan added, in press statements reported by the Turkish “Anatolia” agency, that his country is still pinning its hopes on the Berlin conference on Libya, despite Haftar’s violation of the ceasefire resolution that resulted from the conference repeatedly, and the continued support of countries such as Russia, the UAE and France.

Qalan reiterated his country’s lack of confidence in Haftar, saying: “There is no longer confidence in Haftar, he just wants to gain more time.” He reiterated his country’s assertion that “the government of reconciliation is the legitimate government recognized by the United Nations.”

“Qalan” added that the US policy on Libya is still volatile, and they do not wish for Syria’s mistakes to happen there, noting that everyone acknowledged that Turkey had brought back balanc to Libya.

It is worth noting that the Turkish Vice-President “Fouad Aktay” confirmed, on Friday, that the cooperation between Turkey and the United States in the Libya file has gained depth that may make a positive difference.

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