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Qabalawi: This is the government’s position on any ceasefire agreement.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammed al-Qablawi said that the GNA’s position on any ceasefire agreement south of Tripoli should include the return of Hifter’s militias to where they came from.

In an interview with Deutsche Presse-Agency, Qabalawi denied that there had been any previous political agreement between the GNA and Hifter even at the Abu Dhabi meeting, noting that the only initial agreement was in Paris with regard to holding the elections.

Al-Qablawi pointed out that the GNA is sticking to the political agreement as the main reference for any political solution, whether in Berlin or elsewhere.He pointed out that the government is now trying to pressure all countries for a political approach that will restore stability to Libya, and tighten the ring on the countries that support Hifter.

Al-Qablawi added that the signing of the memorandums of understanding with Turkey comes within the framework of the GNA’s efforts to strengthen its security and maritime systems after Hifter tried to overthrow it.

It is worth noting that the President of the Presidential Council has stressed on more than one occasion that any ceasefire agreement must include the return of the aggressor forces from where they came.

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