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Presidential Guard Established and Welcomes Any Libyan to Enlist

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

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Yesterday a statement signed by the GNA Presidency Council in its capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, announced the establishment of the Presidential Guard.

Several responsibilities have been assigned to the Presidential Guard including protecting the headquarters of the presidency council and other public institutions, protecting and guarding its members, protecting delegations and securing their transportation, and guarding places of residence.

The Guard will also secure all points of entry including ports, airports, and borders.

Furthermore, the statement issued yesterday described the composition of the Presidential Guard including military officials and police who will be selected and re-appointed to this sector from their current posts. But it also invited all those who wish to enlist themselves from all Libyan cities.

The decision assigned the head of the presidential guard, who has yet to be announced, the authority to decide on the headquarters across the country, the distribution of guards, and the total count of guards.

Some analysts have described this as a strategic move to open the door for civilians as well as active members of registered militias and brigades or non-registered militias to enlist and serve under the Presidential Guard – a legitimate military body of the Libyan Government.

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