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Presidential Council allocates funds to municipalities under Haftar .. And observers do not exclude Haftar’s seizing the money to support his aggression.

After the GNA announced allocating 75 million dinars to the municipalities, local councils, and governing committees in the regions to confront Corona, many were surprised that among these municipalities in the eastern and western regions are areas under the control of Haftar and against the GNA.

Doubts arose about the possibility of Haftar seizing the funds allocated to the municipalities of the eastern region and using them to support his forces, which are launching an aggression against Tripoli, and continue to bomb residential neighborhoods even in light of the Corona pandemic.

I do not rule it out

Political analyst Faraj Darduor said, he does not rule out Haftar’s seizure of funds allocated by the GNA to the Municipal Councils in the Eastern Region to confront Corona, as he uses all the money of the country that reaches the east.

In the statement to Arraed, Dardour added, while the citizens suffer in the eastern region from the scarcity of cash and the absence of salaries, Ali al-Habri, the governor of the parallel central bank in Albayda, went out to say, “The army is a priority over salaries.”

Nothing stops him from taking the money

The writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that nothing prevents Haftar from seizing any money that reaches the east to spend it according to his needs, especially as he is the commanding ruler in the east.Everyone is under his command, as he assigned all the mayors of the municipalities.

Al-Kabeer explained in a statement to Arraed that Haftar will not be saved by any money, no matter how great its value is, because his project is doomed to fail and the pandemic of Corona will have a severe and profound impact on the international scene, and he will not find the support that he gets from his sponsoring countries in the coming weeks and months.

Defense of their rights

As for a member of the Supreme Council of the State, Mansour Al-Hasadi, he affirmed that those who attack the capital, Haftar and the mercenaries around him are sick and the hateful, and not Barqah and its people, and this is why “my people” in Barqah must defend their rights and do not surrender to Haftar and those with him.

Al-Hasadi added in a statement to Arraed that what the GNA has done towards the municipalities is a duty, and the GNA is a legitimate government for all Libyans alike, especially at the time of the pandemics such as the Corona pandemic.

Preface to seize the money

As for the military expert, Adel Abdul-Kafi, he said that Haftar and those with him are already preparing to seize the funds allocated to fight the Corona epidemic. A decision has been issued from the so-called General Command not to form any committees to combat Corona except the one he established.

Abdul-Kafi added in the statement of Arraed that their establishment of this committee is a cover to seize the funds allocated to fight the epidemic, pointing out that they always declare that the priority of the military effort in any money or budgets , they even deducted from the salaries of citizens for this matter.

The strange thing is that the GNA is fully aware that the municipalities are under the control of Haftar and allocated funds for them even though they are not under their command, but rather support Haftar in the war he is waging against Tripoli, which also targets the GNA.

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