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Preliminary results of Zawiya Center municipality elections announced  

The Central Committee for Municipal Elections announced on Tuesday the preliminary results for the election of Zawiya municipal council with a total number of voters 11981 and a 63% voter turnout.

The top four came in the general category as follows: Jamal Abdel Nasser Bahr won 1466 votes, Mohamed Al-Bahloul Abu Khadir came second with 1283 votes, Mokhtar Abu Lqasim Al-Mariol won 1280 votes and in the fourth position came Khalid Al-Tahir Al-Hankari with 1236 votes.

In people with special needs category, Yusuf Al-Hattab came first with 2831 votes, whereas  Munira Abdullah Huisa won the women seat with 4503 votes.


The Central Committee assigned a committee to receive the appeals in the results at the Shoura Council, located in the Martyrs Square in Zawiya.

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