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Practical steps by the US administration to stop Hiftir’s aggression on Tripoli

In a new development of the US stance towards the aggression on Tripoli, a delegation of senior officials in the United States met with Khalifa Hiftir to pressure him to stop his offensive on the capital, reduce the intervention of the Russians in Libya and their support for Hiftir in the hostilities.

The US State Department confirmed in a statement that US officials expressed to Haftir their deep concern over Russia’s exploitation of the conflict in Libya at the expense of the Libyan people and also discussed the political settlement in the country.

This meeting comes two weeks after a State Department statement calling on Hiftir to end his assault on Tripoli and to strengthen the authority of the legitimate GNA in a sign of strong US diplomacy on the Libyan stage.

An advanced step

The writer and journalist Abdullah al-Kabir considered this meeting as an “advanced” American step to stop the Russian intervention blocking the reason of intervention, which is armed conflict and the intervention of several parties, which may affect the interests of some countries.

Al-Kabeer said in a statement to Arraed that America seems to have resolved its position and is working seriously to stop the war on a path other than the Berlin conference, wondering what the Americans will give to Hifter in exchange for their request which is clear and spesific, namely stop the war and the removal of the Russians from Libya.

Reviving the political process :

The writer Ali AbuZayd said that the American interest in the Libyan file has become more serious and effective, considering that, the motive behind it is the presence of Russian supporting Hiftir, which warns of the growing Russian influence in North Africa and the southern Mediterranean, which directly threatens US and European interests.

Abu Zeid said in a statement to Arraed that the Americans want to reduce Russian influence and weaken it by reviving the political process by ending the war south of Tripoli, which calls for the withdrawal of Hiftir to his previous positions, which may make us see more pressure on him and his supporters in the coming days.

Will Washington’s entry on the conflict  limit the influence of countries that support Hiftir, especially ahead of the upcoming Berlin conference, which may have the US vision in Libya as the main content.

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