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Popular demands to implement the outputs of the 5 + 5 committee.

The people of Hoon took part in demonstrations demanding the removal of mercenaries for the fourth time, denouncing the violations, armed attacks and torture committed by Haftar’s mercenaries in the region.

While the people of the city of Hoon are waiting for the implementation of the outcomes of the “5 + 5” military committee agreement, which provides for the removal of mercenaries, the “Wagner and Janjaweed” mercenaries and Haftar militias are still arriving and wandering in the region, and the latest pictures circulating today are the best proof of that.

Military Commission “5 + 5” Agreement

The Joint Military Committee agreed, last October, to expel foreign mercenaries from the Libyan territories, with an agreement to form a committee to monitor and supervise the implementation of this, and an understanding to form a joint force between the two parties, to secure roads and cities.

In light of the committee’s work, member of the 5 + 5 committee, Brigadier Mohammed Al-Turjman, assured Arraed that they had agreed once again in Sirte to remove all mercenaries and remove the armed manifestations on the coastal road.

Popular demonstrations in the Hoon

Last December, popular demonstrations took place in the city of Hoon, demanding the departure of the Russian “Wagner” mercenaries and the mercenaries of the Sudanese “Janjaweed” who are in the city, after their repeated armed attacks on its residents.

And according to what was reported by the media center of Operation Volcano of Anger, the protesters stormed the headquarters of Haftar’s military region. In response to the killing of the citizen Ayman Abdullah by the “Janjaweed” mercenaries and throwing his body on the road in the industrial neighborhood.

Last July, the people of the city of Hoon came out condemning the killing of the citizen “Ziad Al-Arabi Al-Honi” in his home by the bullets of the “Janjaweed” mercenaries.

Demands to implement promises to remove mercenaries

The people of the city of Hoon organized a protest demanding the implementation of the promises to remove the mercenaries made by Haftar’s delegation last December; To calm people down during his visit to the city, after the demonstrations and the state of civil disobedience that the city witnessed at the time, against the background of the killing of citizen Ayman Abdullah Abo Qsisa by the “Janjaweed” mercenaries of Haftar.

According to press sources in the city, the people of the city of Hoon suspended their protest after a number of Haftar figures contacted the organizers of the sit-in, calling for an opportunity not exceeding two days. To implement their demands, and not to demonstrate and fuel the situation at this particular time.

Earlier, the people of the city suspended their civil disobedience after a delegation from Haftar’s party, headed by Al Fandi, pledged to implement the people’s demands represented in the removal of mercenaries and the evacuation of the city from armed manifestations.

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