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“Peace Storm” swept Haftar from Abu Qrain to Riqdalin, amid losses in leaders, equipment, and land.

After a full year of battles that saw successive defeats incurred by Haftar militias and their mercenaries, brought in by a number of countries and paid for by the UAE , the Libyan army forces launched a peace operation aimed at spreading peace and tranquility in all parts of Libya, and responded to Haftar’s targeting of residential neighborhoods and public facilities.

The operation began with painful strikes that affected the supplies of the rebellious enemy in all areas of the west of the country, to cut it, then command, operations and control centers, jamming stations and ammunition stores, to isolate these militias and disperse their forces.

The air strikes affected the morale of the militias of Haftar and their forces to be scattered, lost areas, and its attacks decreased due to the Libyan army’s targeting of its supplies, ammunition and fuel.

Operation “Peace Storm” also succeeded in killing a number of Haftar’s leaders of in Tarhuna, Sirte and Abo Qarin, some were announced by his media and some did not announce out of fear for the morale of his militias, who knew well and witnessed the power of the Libyan air strikes.

The Libyan Air Force also killed dozens of the war criminal’s militias and other mercenaries and wounded many of them, which caused successive breakdowns in their ranks and concentrations, and they were not helped by destruction of latest weapons supplied to them by the Emirates, Egypt and France and some were seized by the army.

Today, in a few hours, the Libyan army forces managed to extend their control over the entire western region from the city of Sorman to the western border, including the regions of Sorman, Sabrata, Riqdalin, Al-Ajilat, and Zultun, in a scene that reminded us of the year of liberation in 2011, when the revolutionaries freed every inch of the country’s land from the Qaddafi Brigades Which escaped in defeat, as did Haftar’s militias and their mercenaries in the western region.

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