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PC head talk Tawergha residents return with Misurata mayor

The head of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Faiz Al-Sarraj, discussed on Saturday with the mayor of Misurata municipality, Mustafa Omar Karwad, the return of the people of Tawergha to their city.

According to the GNA official page, Misurata mayor affirmed the support of the people of Misurata for the speed return of the displaced residents of Tawergha, saying that those who reject it are few and that the efforts did not stop; to eradicate all that hinders their return.

Al-Serraj reiterated the commitment of the GNA to implement the reconciliation agreement between Tawergha and Misurata, stressing the need to coordinate with the committee responsible for following up the implementation of the agreement.

Al-Sarraj said that national responsibility demands the expedition of  facilitating the return of the Tawerghans and to remove obstacles that have delayed it.


A number of Tawergha’s displaced residents are staying at Qararat Al-Qatf since early February, demanding the implementation of the return agreement to their city.

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