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Parliamentarians: We welcome the political solution and the countries that support Haftar obstructs it.

After defeating the Haftar project and expelling the specter of militarization of the state that he represented forever – international voices came to the necessity of working on a political solution that would end the years-old crisis and restore the unity and stability of the state and its institutions.

With many brotherly and friendly countries and neighbors calling for the start of negotiations for a political solution and a speedy passage to safety, a number of deputies see that there is no seriousness yet in these calls, especially those issued by the countries that support Haftar, who advocate a political solution in public and send weapons and mercenaries to Haftar in secret ; To impose a specific agenda on the Libyans.

No seriousness

The first deputy speaker of the parliament, Jalal Al-Shuwaihdi, believes that although everyone talks about the necessity of a political solution to the Libyan crisis as the best option, but we have not seen any seriousness from the international community until now within the framework of this solution.

Al-Shuwaihdi added, in a statement to Arraed on Saturday, that even countries who adopt a political solution and announce that, at the same time, they are trying to impose conditions or personalities “rejected by the people” through these calls.

Confusion of the scene

For his part, Member of Parliament Omar Ghaith said that most of the Libyan people are convinced by the political solution, but some countries that call for this still support Haftar politically and militarily, which lost them the confidence of the Libyans.

Ghaith added, in a statement to Arraed, that international and regional interference and conflicts of interests of countries in Libya led to the harnessing of people with ambitions in governance to serve external goals, and this has caused confusion in the political scene.

Solutions based on the political agreement

In the same context, member of Parliament Abu Bakr Saeed said that the solution to the crisis in Libya must be through dialogue and peaceful solutions, just as the international community’s calls for a political solution depend on the credibility of these countries, especially those that supported the aggression against the capital and the coup against legitimacy.

Saeed, in a statement to Arraed, called on the countries that support the aggression to review their decisions that violate all international norms, and to search for a better way away from the gun and ammunition box.

Saeed added that all calls for dialogue are welcome to be based on the Libyan political agreement and constitutional declaration and its amendments, and points to this direction.

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