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Oxford We await more data on rare problems of blood clotting in vaccinated adults.

The University of “Oxford” has temporarily stopped the trial of its vaccine against the Coronavirus “AstraZeneca” on children and adolescents in Britain.

And Oxford said Tuesday that it is awaiting more data about “rare problems of blood clotting” in adults who received the vaccination, indicating that disrupting the experiment caused harm to the vaccine’s reputation after several countries restricted its use in light of reports of medical problems after vaccination with it, according to what was reported by Sputnik Agency.

Oxford explained that there were no safety concerns in the children’s trial, noting that it would await directions from the United Kingdom’s Medicines Control Authority before testing any other doses.

In a related context, the European Medicines Agency is reviewing reports of a very rare blood clot known as cerebral venous thrombosis after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, and it is expected to announce its results on Wednesday or Thursday.

It is reported that the company “AstraZeneca” conducted a review last March on those who received its vaccine for Corona virus, which resulted in no evidence of an increased risk of blood clots.

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